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121Premier Su Tseng-chang visits Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp2020-06-09
122Hsinchu County Issues First OK FUN Tourism Mark: County Magistrate Yang Visits Hukou Old Street Commercial District2020-06-06
123National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Biomedical Park Branch MRI Scanner Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony: A Medical Diagnostic Tool for folks 2020-05-29
124Pacific American School launches Pacific Art Space: The first step towards establishing a future design, cultural and creative center. 2020-05-15
125Cultivating creative new students in science and technology: Hsinchu County strives for another Maker & Tech 2020-05-13
126County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke Governance Report: 56% of campaign promises have been fulfilled after one year and four months in office. 2020-05-01
127Hsinchu County promotes the trilogy of construction management and launches online inquiry website2020-04-22
128Hsinchu County establishes the Public Library Development Committee: Promotes the first main and branch public libraries system 2020-04-13
129Hsinchu County Creates Online Teaching Platform on M3 Cloud: County Magistrate Yang participates in the "Class Suspended but Learning Continues" exercise2020-03-18
130Effective industrial policies: Hsinchu County tops other counties and cities in immigration and population growth 2020-02-11
131County Magistrate Yang transforms into a Marvel hero: Xinpu Lantern Festival Parade2020-02-08
132Magistrate Yang reports the government's achievements during his first year in office2020-01-10
133Zhubei Civil Sports Center officially opens2019-12-06
134851.4 kg sacred pig awarded special prize in Hsinchu County Yimin Festival2019-10-25
135The annual celebration of Dragon Boat Festival: 2019 Hsinchu County Magistrate Cup Dragon Boat Race2019-09-20
136Guanxi Elementary School Baseball Team commended by Magistrate Yang for claiming IBA-Boys baseball championship2019-08-09
13712-Year Compulsory Education takes root: Students in Hsinchu County start to learn English in 1st grade2019-07-12
138Neiwan leads the way in Hsinchu County to adopt "New Retail"2019-06-06
139Hsinchu County Dong Xing Junior High School wins 3rd prize in 3D Tronics2019-05-24
140A new instagrammable place in Hsinchu County: New Tile House Rice Field Art2019-05-17