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A new instagrammable place in Hsinchu County: New Tile House Rice Field Art
  • PostDate:2019-05-17
  • Modified Date:2019-11-04

A new instagrammable place in Hsinchu County: New Tile House Rice Field Art

About 0.24 acres of rice field in New Tile House Hakka Cultural District is turned into an area for environmental education, aiming to recreate the charm of Liujia Settlement. On May 8, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke and Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau Li You-long viewed the rice field art and visited “Or Bookstore.” Due to abundant rainfall this year, the first crop features rice in the environmental education area, where visitors can have a bird's eye view of “New Tile House” written in Chinese characters in the rice field from the 2nd floor of Or Bookstore. The activity will come to an end in mid-July. Lotuses in the pond are also in full bloom. Come take pictures and check in on social websites.


As the local saying goes, “Great harvests in Liujia ensure enough food for the whole Hsinchu. That is, Liujia is an important rice granary of Hsinchu County. Visitors can understand the harvest and cultivation of rice crops and enjoy the rice field art at the same time. In addition, a book fair is going to be held on May 11. Come join us!

Over the past few months, many people have been curious about what kind of rice crop is grown in the field because the color is so different. Now, overlooked from Or Bookstore, three big Chinese characters clearly come into sight. The artwork infuses creativity and new life into traditional agriculture. Promoted and preserved by Cultural Affairs Bureau, New Tile House Hakka Cultural District has become a great place to spend leisure time with family. Different crops are grown with the change of seasons. It is hoped to remind people of the history of Liujia’s farming background.


Moreover, in the summertime of 2019, the annual Bench Theater will feature performances taking place in the rice field. Come have a nice chat and enjoy the splendid view of the rice field art. For more information, please refer to the Facebook Fan Page.