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Zhubei Civil Sports Center officially opens
  • PostDate:2019-12-06
  • Modified Date:2020-01-03

Zhubei Civil Sports Center officially opens

With a cost of more than NT$460 million, Zhubei Civil Sports Center, the first of its kind in Hsinchu County, finally opens to the public on September 17. The 12-day trial run, which began from September 5, attracted nearly 40,000 visitors to try out the newly-unveiled sports facilities. In the future, the sports center will serve the purpose of nurturing top athletes by issuing two student-athletes in each junior and senior high school with free passes, which allows free admission to the gym and swimming pool on weekday afternoons. It is hoped that the opening of the sports center can not only provide the citizens with a better environment for daily workout, but also train more professional athletes.



Magistrate Yang Wen-ke shows that Hsinchu County is a health-conscious and dynamic city. To encourage its people to do more exercise, the government has established its first civil sports center, which is operated by Far East Steel Safe Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The operator consents to allocate 1% of its total annual revenues to upgrade sports facilities in schools. In addition, the county government has also launched multiple policies and started various sports constructions to further urge its people to become athletic and healthy.



Located at the intersection of Guangming 6th Road and Zhuangjing South Road, Zhubei Civil Sports Center is a building with five stories above ground and one story underground. It includes an underground parking lot. On the 1st floor are the service center and shops. On the 2nd floor are eight badminton courts and the table tennis room. On the 3rd floor are four aerobics classrooms and two fitness rooms. Lastly, on the 4th floor lie the multifunctional space and the administrative office. It opens from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Charges are stated below:

Fitness Center: NT$50/hr

Badminton Court: NT$250/hr

Table Tennis Court: NT$80/hr

Basketball Court: NT$2000/hr

Squash Court: NT$200/hr

Swimming Pool: NT$120 (Monthly pass & Season pass available)

For more information, including the concessionary tickets, charity hours, and parking validation, please refer to url