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Magistrate Yang reports the government's achievements during his first year in office
  • PostDate:2020-01-10
  • Modified Date:2020-02-24

Magistrate Yang reports the government's achievements during his first year in office

On December 24, Hsinchu County Government held a press conference to mark the 1st anniversary of Magistrate Yang Wen-ke's inauguration. At the press conference, Magistrate Yang reported to the citizens that the government had put 54 campaign promises into practice in the past year. He raised his fist along with all the first-level officials and cheered: "We've made it!"



Striking a pose of shooting an arrow, followed by an animation displayed on the screen wall, Magistrate Yang announced that his "five arrows" had flown towards the target. The construction of one of his "arrows," Hsinchu County International AI Smart Business Park, also kicked off on the same day. Magistrate Yang stated in confidence that there would be more things to be achieved in the following three years to allow local citizens to feel more strongly about the improvements and prosperity of Hsinchu County.



In addition, Magistrate Chiu has also fulfilled something that was not originally included in his campaign promises. For example, new chairmen of Yimin Temple and Hsinchu County Culture Foundation were successfully elected. On the other hand, the county government has established a well-rounded system where prosecutors, police, and the Dept. of Environmental Protection can work together to fight against illegal dumping and deforestation. Moreover, the county government has launched a road-grading project, repaving 58 sections of roads with a total length of 41.2 kilometers. To ensure the highest standards, Civil Service Ethics Office and Procurement Supervision Unit are commissioned to carry out spot checks.



The county government also revealed the results of the citizen satisfaction survey. 55.2% were satisfied with Magistrate Yang's performance, while 65.4% expressed confidence in the next three years of the administration. Besides, the satisfaction ratings regarding the construction of the incinerator and the Life Memorial Park stood respectively at 55.1% and 58.1%. The results also showed that what people hoped to improve and solve the most was traffic problems (21.1%).



Asked by the journalists about the incinerator, Magistrate Yang showed that the amount of deposited business waste would reach a record high as 14 incinerators across Taiwan would be rehabilitated for one to two years beginning next year, and many overseas Taiwanese businesses would return and invest in Taiwan. "Fortunately, the county government's policy is one step ahead, or the local citizens will be faced with a big problem of garbage disposal," Magistrate Yang added. So far, a big company has tendered for the BOO incinerator construction project. The county government promises to keep close tabs on the qualifications of the company and shows confidence that the project will be completed on schedule.