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1212017 Xinpu Lantern Festival and Sky Mending Festival Celebrated from February 11 to 122017-02-10
122The Implementation Center of Biomedical Industrial Innovation Promotion Program Inaugurated2017-02-09
1232017 Agricultural Product Exhibition Takes the Stage at the Weekend2017-01-25
124Hsinchu County Establishes a Public Security Network Through Technology for Aboriginal Tribes2017-01-19
125Magistrate Chiu Takes Part in the Northern Taiwan Leaders’ Conference with Joint Effort to Build Green Cities.2017-01-12
1263000 people enthusiastically participate in Hsinchu County’s 2017 New Year Flag-raising Ceremony2017-01-06
127Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun Visits Beijing to Promote Hsinchu County ‘s Tourism and Agricultural Products2016-12-30
128Magistrate Chiu Announces His Anti-drug Determination on the 7th Anniversary of His Inauguration2016-12-21
129Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun attends the ATHA Joint Conference and Shares the Achievements of the Promotion of Hakka Culture.2016-12-15
130The 2017 Calendar Released by Hsinchu County Fire Bureau Catches the Eye2016-12-08
131Hsinchu County Guanxi Township Old Building Fashion Week Begins. Come and experience the beauty of the small town.2016-12-01
1322016 Chatime Yummy Run Attracts Over 3000 Runners2016-11-25
1332016 Hsinchu County Hakka Children’s Folkgame Carnival begins in Emei Township at Shi’erliao Tung Flower Valley2016-11-17
134Qionglin Township’s Land Art “Beside” will be Unveiled on November 12.2016-11-09
1352016 Hsinchu County International Folk Drum Art Festival A creative parade begin first2016-11-03
136Hexing Love Station and Hokkaido’s Kofuku Happiness Station twinned2016-10-28
1372016 Hsinchu County International Comic & Animation Art Festival begins2016-10-20
138Hsinchu County Government Celebrates Double Tenth Day Thousands of People Attend the Flag-raising Ceremony2016-10-13
1392016 Taiwan Agricultural Product Joint Sales Exhibition, Hsinchu County's Agricultural Products Won Rave Reviews2016-10-06
140The Three Northeastern Provinces Cross-strait Exchange Base Opens, Magistrate Chiu Issues an Invitation to Visit Hsinchu County for In-depth Travel.2016-09-29