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1412016 Hsinchu County International Comic & Animation Art Festival begins2016-10-20
142Hsinchu County Government Celebrates Double Tenth Day Thousands of People Attend the Flag-raising Ceremony2016-10-13
1432016 Taiwan Agricultural Product Joint Sales Exhibition, Hsinchu County's Agricultural Products Won Rave Reviews2016-10-06
144The Three Northeastern Provinces Cross-strait Exchange Base Opens, Magistrate Chiu Issues an Invitation to Visit Hsinchu County for In-depth Travel.2016-09-29
145Magistrate Chiu visits Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Yu Zhengsheng and hopes that interaction between cities can be promoted on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.2016-09-26
1462016 Hsinchu Art & Sport Festival. A massive spaceship and eight astronauts land at Hsinwawu2016-09-19
147Magistrate Chiu attends the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Meeting in Wakayama City Exchanges low carbon and sustainable homeland city governance experience2016-09-09
148Hsinchu County leads the way in creating the Hakka Romantic Avenue, President Tsai emphasizes that the budget next year will be increased2016-09-01
1492016 National Hakka Yimin Festival- 5000 people attend, creating a bustling scene2016-08-26
150Group from Hsinchu's Hsinlei Art School travels to Cupertino in the US to perform at the 7th Kids’n Fun Festival2016-08-19
151Zhubei’s No.8 Parking Lot BOT Project will create northern Taiwan’s largest sky garden mall2016-08-12
152Magistrate Chiu holds flag presentation ceremony for Hsinchu County performers invited to perform at 2016 Aomori Nebuta Festival2016-08-04
153Hsinchu’s Hexing Station and Hokkaido’s Kofuku Station to be twinned in October2016-07-29
154Building romantic Provincial Highway 3 Magistrate Chiu leads a group to Setouchi Triennale 20162016-07-22
155National Applied Research Laboratories assist traditional industry transform Helping Taiwan’s bio-medical technology enter the international market2016-07-20
156T-Rex 3D exhibition pulls in the crowds at Zhudong Anime Park2016-07-07
157Global business solicitation. Hsinchu County signs a bilateral trade agreement MOU with Markham, Canada2016-07-01
158Hsinchu County wins ICF Top 7:Magistrate Chiu visits the US to receive the award and markets Hakka culture2016-06-23
159Carrying big drums to the top of Mt. Hehuan Baoshan Junior High School Stage an unforgettable graduation public performance2016-06-21
160Hsinchu County’s Comprehensive Public Service Portal Officially Launched County Going All Out to be Named ICF Top 12016-06-08