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141The 2018 Hsinchu County Tung Flower Festival excites visitors from morning to night2018-05-11
142Showing support to the New Southbound Policy, Magistrate Chiu leads a delegation to Vietnam2018-05-04
143Hsinchu County offers coding courses for elementary school students2018-05-01
144Delegation of Japan’s Arima Hot Springs Tourism Association visits Hsinchu County2018-04-26
145Magistrate Chiu visits the father of IoT in Japan, aiming to develop AI industry in Hsinchu County2018-04-13
146Hsinchu County has industrial, economic and educational exchanges with Westmont, USA2018-04-10
147Hsinchu County and Australia’s Ipswich develop closer bond through the sister city program2018-03-30
148Liu Xing-qin Comic Museum Inaugurated2018-03-23
149Tour de Taiwan 2018 Stage 3: Hakka Romantic Avenue2018-03-23
150Japan’s Wagyu Beef is hitting the market of Hsinchu County next week2018-03-06
1512018 Baoshan Orange Carnival Road Running2018-03-06
152Join in Xinpu’s Tian Chuan Day Celebration through a series of splendid events2018-02-26
153Are your Chinese New Year gifts in readiness? Buy oranges in Hsinchu County Hall and get a chance to win airline tickets!2018-02-12
154Enjoy the fun experience of healthy, pesticide-free fruit picking at strawberry farms in Zhubei and Guanxi2018-02-05
155Come experience Chinese New Year through Hakka-style celebration2018-01-26
156Come traveling around Hengshan, Zhudong and Guanxi during 2018 Hsinchu County Slow Life Festival2018-01-19
157Miyazaki Gakuen Senior High School Concert Band performs in Hsinchu County2018-01-12
158Hsinchu County Government holds a flag raising ceremony and a road running event to celebrate New Year's Day2018-01-04
159New Book Sharing Session: A City of Hope, Brightness and Technology—The formula of Hsinchu County2017-12-22
160Taking the suspension railway and smart LED into account, Hsinchu County Government draws up a blueprint for future development2017-12-15