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1012017 Yimin Festival is going to be filmed and take the stage in Italy2017-07-24
102Hsinchu County signs MOU with Kochi Prefecture, Japan in hopes of further educational and cultural exchange2017-07-18
103New Tile House’s Bench Theater will open on July 15th with 8 films and 7 gifts awaiting your visit2017-07-14
104Hsinchu County comes out on top in Taiwan for quality of life and modernization from the survey2017-07-07
1052nd Leaders’ Meeting of the Tao-Chu-Chu-Miao Regional Governance Platform aims to create the most livable cities in Taiwan2017-06-30
106Straits Forum kicks off in Xiamen, where Hsinchu County’s select products are marketed2017-06-26
107Indonesian government seeks overseas investment2017-06-19
108Eating duck eggs and rowing dragon boats for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival2017-06-08
109Eye-catching Hsinchu local agricultural products launched in Shanghai2017-06-06
110Hsinchu County Junior Baseball Team takes the second place in Hua Nan Financial Holdings National Youth Baseball Championships2017-05-26
111Dragon Boats are ready for the races on May 272017-05-19
112First “Story Corner House” in Taiwan opens to explore local Hakka stories2017-05-12
113The Tung Flowers of Hsinchu County are in Bloom; Visit the Tung Blossom Secret Wonderlands on 12 Routes2017-05-04
114Runners enjoy the beautiful tung blossoms along the Hakka Romantic Avenue2017-04-28
115Hsinchu County Signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vietnam’s Đồng Tháp Province in Response to the New Southbound Policy2017-04-24
116Magistrate Chiu Visits Japan Where He Invites Everyone to View the Tung Flowers in Hsinchu County2017-04-13
117Cultural Highlight on Hakka Romantic Avenue Restoration work on County-designated historic site Chiang Ashing Western Style House begins2017-04-06
1182017 National Indigenous Peoples Games Grandly Opens in Hsinchu County2017-03-31
119Hsinchu County to offer a new real-time captioning service for the hearing impaired2017-03-27
1202017 Taiwan—Japan Cosplay Street Clean-Up — Dinosaurs and Supermen pick up trash together2017-03-20