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Effective industrial policies: Hsinchu County tops other counties and cities in immigration and population growth
  • PostDate:2020-02-11
  • Modified Date:2020-11-25

Effective industrial policies: Hsinchu County tops other counties and cities in immigration and population growth


        Director Huang Wen-Chih of the Hsinchu County Budget, Accounting and Statistics Department, in the executive meeting of February 11, analyzed that according to the statistical report of the Ministry of the Interior, the 2019 demographic indicators of Hsinchu County showed that in terms of the number of net in-immigration, number of population increase and population growth rate, Hsinchu County had the highest increase in the County and City Category. The average age in the county is 39.34 years old, making it the second youngest county in the nation. County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke has instructed relevant units to adjust policies according to the data. He also said that the science parks and industrial zones in Hsinchu County provide employment opportunities. After taking office, he has promoted three industrial target developments and formulated a blueprint for economic prosperity. Moreover, he will strive even harder to attract future investments.

        The Budget, Accounting and Statistics Department indicated that Hsinchu County has a net in-migration of 6,250 people in 2019, placing it at the top in the County and City Category and 4th in the nation. It is second only to New Taipei City, Taoyuan City and Taichung City. The county's population increase of 6,923 people and population growth rate of 12.43% are also the highest in the County and City Category, respectively ranking 4th and 2nd in the nation. The county and city with average age less than 40 years old nationwide are Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County and Taoyuan City ranking in respective order. Hsinchu County accounts for 16.22% of the population aged between 0-14 years old, placing it second only to Hsinchu City and ranking the second highest in the nation. Its proportion of population over 65 years old is the fourth lowest in the country, higher than only Lianjiang County, Taoyuan City and Hsinchu City.

The Budget, Accounting and Statistics Department also analyzed the demographic indicators of various townships. Among the townships, Zhubei City ranked top in the number of net in-migration. It also ranked top among the 13 townships in terms of the proportion of population aged 0-14 years old while Jianshi Township ranked second. In terms of the proportion of population aged 65 years old or above, it has the second lowest proportion in the county, higher only than Hsinchu City and flipping the general view of rural areas.

        County Magistrate Yang said that the statistical results show that Hsinchu County is an age-friendly, livable, young and energetic city. In terms of public policies, the county government will strengthen childcare and child raising, adjust school districts and consolidate some schools. In will also create parks and green spaces, focus on long-term care and day care for the elderly, and reasonably regulate social welfare subsidies. The government will strive to introduce more industries and attract more young people to move to Hsinchu County. For remote villages and towns, it will introduce placemaking to attract young people and narrow the gap between urban and rural areas.