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Hsinchu County Government


1Local enterprise raises a fund to assist the Choir of Taoshan Elementary School in attending the international choral competition2019-05-10
2Magistrate Yang talks about smart city applications at 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo2019-04-05
3Free school lunch in Hsinchu County to be upgraded to local organic food2019-03-22
4Junior high students from the Journalism Camp have an exclusive interview with Magistrate Yang 2019-03-15
5Mr. and Mrs. Huang donate a rehab bus to provide the disabled with transport services2019-03-08
6The 2019 Xinpu Lantern Festival grandly celebrated through a patchy drizzle2019-03-01
7Small kids perform lion and dragon dances and learn to say Chinese New Year greetings in Hakka2019-02-22
8Magistrate Yang pays a New Year call along with Deputy Magistrate and Secretary-General2019-02-15
9Zhudong Township's Wujian Health Center Opens2019-02-08
10Magistrate Yang turned into matchmaker for 70 young single people in Hsinchu County2019-02-01
11Councilors visit the county hall to keep track of current progress of government work2019-01-25
12The 9th Taiwan-Japan International Junior Baseball Friendly Tournament kicks off2019-01-18
13Generous public donations sent to underprivileged families before the coming of Chinese New Year2019-01-11
14Magistrate Yang outlines his vision for the future at the New Year's Day flag raising ceremony2019-01-04
15Newly-elected Magistrate Yang Wen-ke takes office and vows to fulfill his campaign promises2018-12-28
16Hsinchu County captures third place on 2018 National Happiness Index2018-12-21
17Ceramic board artworks displaying the achievements of Hsinchu County Government officially unveiled2018-12-14
18Hsinchu County Government's 1999 Hotline named the winner of the Five-Star Service Award2018-12-07
19A suspension bridge, two stories: The reconstruction of Qingquan No.1 Suspension Bridge completed2018-11-30
20Hukou Hakka Cultural and Creative Park grandly inaugurated 2018-11-23