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1Hsinchu County donates 10,000 masks and other epidemic prevention supplies to sister city Westmont Village in the United States 2020-08-18
2National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Biomedical Park Branch and FocalTech Smart Sensors sign memorandum for a medical intelligence system to monitor heart rhythm at any time using mobile phones2020-07-13
3Hsinchu County kicks off Bookstart with Mayor Yang as story-teller2020-06-30
4Magistrate Yang reports the government's achievements during his first year in office2020-01-10
5Zhubei Civil Sports Center officially opens2019-12-06
6851.4 kg sacred pig awarded special prize in Hsinchu County Yimin Festival2019-10-25
7The annual celebration of Dragon Boat Festival: 2019 Hsinchu County Magistrate Cup Dragon Boat Race2019-09-20
8Guanxi Elementary School Baseball Team commended by Magistrate Yang for claiming IBA-Boys baseball championship2019-08-09
912-Year Compulsory Education takes root: Students in Hsinchu County start to learn English in 1st grade2019-07-12
10Neiwan leads the way in Hsinchu County to adopt "New Retail"2019-06-06
11Hsinchu County Dong Xing Junior High School wins 3rd prize in 3D Tronics2019-05-24
12A new instagrammable place in Hsinchu County: New Tile House Rice Field Art2019-05-17
13Local enterprise raises a fund to assist the Choir of Taoshan Elementary School in attending the international choral competition2019-05-10
14Hsinchu County establishes community markets with the aim of becoming a smart agricultural city2019-05-03
15The 2019 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival kicks off2019-04-26
16Poll shows 80% of local citizens are proud to live in Hsinchu County2019-04-19
17Magistrate Yang leads a delegation to attend the annual Reunion Assembly of the Hakka Tsung Tsin Association of Tokyo2019-04-12
18Magistrate Yang talks about smart city applications at 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo2019-04-05
19Friendship between Taiwanese and Japanese students heats up in 2019 Taiwan-Japan Table Tennis Exchange Games2019-03-29
20Free school lunch in Hsinchu County to be upgraded to local organic food2019-03-22