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Hsinchu County Creates Online Teaching Platform on M3 Cloud: County Magistrate Yang participates in the "Class Suspended but Learning Continues" exercise
  • PostDate:2020-03-18
  • Modified Date:2021-01-11

Hsinchu County Creates Online Teaching Platform on Mili Cloud: County Magistrate Yang participates in the

    To prevent the learning progress of students being affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Development and Information Institute of the Hsinchu County Department of Education began constructing and promoting its online teaching platform on M3 Cloud one month ago. The platform allows teachers in the county to teach courses online, create any teaching materials online and provide a variety of teaching activities. Each course can also be taught live. Today, an actual exercise of the teaching platform was conducted in the second conference room of the Department of Education. County Mayor Yang Wen-Ke and Director Yang Chun-Tzu of the Department of Education jointly participated in the simulated distance teaching for sixth grade teachers and students in Zhubei Elementary School.
    The exercise used epidemic prevention issues as the course content. The teacher played videos to stimulate student thinking, accepted questions from the online students and used collaborative e-whiteboard to allow learning to continue unimpeded. At the end, County Magistrate Yang summarized the course and reminded the students to pay attention to their personal health. In addition to washing hands frequently, wearing a mask when necessary and avoiding public places whenever possible, he also reminded them to strengthen their immune to effectively prevent the virus from attacking!

    County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke encouraged the public to not panic during the epidemic. To enable students to continue with their studies uninterrupted and their learning performance from being undermined, the county has laid out in advance the M3 Cloud online teaching system. Teachers and students can make use of the system to ensure "Class Suspended But Learning Continues". In addition, a count by the Department of Education shows that electronic equipment is inadequate. So the Department has prepared 4,780 tablets for students to borrow during class suspension. Furthermore, for students with no Internet access at home, the Department will coordinate and allocate 15 days of free Internet service for financially disadvantaged students. Relevant Internet discount programs are also available, and the schools or parents of students in need of these services may submit an application.
    Yang Chun-Tzu, Director of the Department of Education explained that according to the criteria for suspending classes, if one teacher or student in a class is diagnosed with confirmed case, the class will be suspended; if two or more are confirmed cases, then the school will be suspended. The M3 Cloud teaching platform installed by the county can be used as long as one student is in self-quarantine at home. Make up lessons can be conducted physically or online. For schools adopting online make up lessons, teaching materials and assessment activities can be installed. Moreover, online teaching can be broadcasted live so that students can learn synchronously at home. Furthermore, teachers can also use relevant interactive functions on the platform to determine the learning status of their students and achieve learning effectiveness.
    Teacher Hsin Wen-Yi from the Development and Information Institute said that most such platforms on the market require fees. The M3 Cloud is not limited to electronic equipment and can be used on mobile phones or tablets. It does not require download or additional registration, and provides unlimited teaching capacity, hence making it easy for teachers and students to use! The live broadcast functions of the platform allow for two-way audiovisual, collaborative e-whiteboard, lecture notes upload, real-time questionnaires and voting, group video discussion, shared notes and auto-recording. At the end of the live broadcast class, the recorded file will be automatically saved to the platform of the offered course so that students can watch and review the lesson. Teachers can also use this platform to conduct an assessment or open a discussion area to review the learning effectiveness of their students.