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County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke Governance Report: 56% of campaign promises have been fulfilled after one year and four months in office.
  • PostDate:2020-05-01
  • Modified Date:2020-11-25

County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke Governance Report: 56% of campaign promises have been fulfilled after one year and four months in office.

    Led by the Public Works Department and assisted by the Civil Service Ethics Office, the Hsinchu County Government is promoting the Building Management Improvement Trilogy of "Simplified Administration and Public Convenience", " Openness and Transparency" and "Increased Efficiency" in order to fulfill the administrative transparency measures formulated by the government and achieve an honest and efficient government. In the launching ceremony of the Construction License and Miscellaneous License Application Online Inquiry System today, County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke and system donor Lin Ching-Shu, Chair of the Hsinchu County Architects Association; Liang Shih-Jung, Director of the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau Hsinchu County Survey Station; Li Chang-Hsien, Chair of the Hsinchu City Architects Association and Wu Guo-Bao, Chair of the Real Estate Development Association of Hsinchu County jointly launched the system. The public can log in to the inquiry system website to track the progress of their application at any time, and all construction licenses and miscellaneous licenses are open and transparent.

    County Magistrate Yang said that in the past, all applications for construction permits had to undergo technology review with the help of architects, then sent to buildings management unit of administrative agencies for another review. The process was extremely lengthy and many people and construction companies were unclear about the process, resulting in misunderstandings. However with the launch of the online inquiry system, the process is greatly simplified, open and transparent. The application progress is clear at a glance. In addition, a random inspection mechanism is installed, and County Magistrate Yang believes that it will receive public support.
    Lin Ho-Si, Director of the Public Works Department, said that the building management improvement trilogy includes "Simplified Administration and Public Convenience", "Openness and Transparency" and "Increased Efficiency". The "Openness and Transparency" is fulfilled by the launch of the online inquiry system website. In terms of "Simplified Administration and Public Convenience", the Hsinchu County Architects Association has been asked to set up an additional consultation office for inquiries about construction management laws. The consultation office is open from 10 am to 11 am on working days to provide appropriate suggestions to members of the public with questions about construction management. In terms of "Increased Efficiency", the diagrams for licenses are sealed in accordance with the principle of administrative and technological separation for the issuance of construction license. This would allow the Architects Association to assist with the review of the construction license system and avoid spending time on repeat review of the diagrams. In the past, the undertaking unit required 30 days to review the documents and materials submitted by the public for construction license. In the future, the process could be reduced to within 7 days. Hence administrative efficiency is improved. Furthermore, follow-up inspection is strengthened so that within one month of issuing the licenses, random inspections of the licenses will be regularly conducted.
    To make it easier for the public to inquire about their applications or petitions submitted to the county government and its subordinate units, the county government also launched the Public Application or Petition Progress Inquiry System last year. The system allows the public to track their case progress and also allows them to check the latest status of their case and the undertaking unit.
    In the future, the county government will continue to strengthen various administrative transparency measures. In addition, it will organize the Building License Administrative Transparency Forum to conduct two-way communication with architects association, real estate development associations, architect firms, architects, construction companies and license application agents to gradually achieve a government that is smart, convenient to the public and digitally transparent.