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1812016 Hsinchu County Taiwan-Japan International Junior Baseball Friendly Tournament Kicks off2016-01-29
182County designated historic site restoration work begins on Guanxi Police Station2016-01-22
183Datong Tea Shop takes a silver medal in the Taiwan national Taiwan Aged Tea Competition2016-01-15
184Japan’s Setouchi Triennale Invites Hsinchu County to be the Third Art Festival Host2016-01-07
185Ta Hwa University of Science & Technology and Hsinchu Meat Market joined to Develop Maqau Liquor2015-12-31
186Taiwan’s first animation and comic park, Zhudong Animation and Comic Creative Park, opens on a trial basis2015-12-25
187Magistrate Chiu visits Hsinchu County’s sister city Santa Clara County, Raising the International Profile of Hsinchu County2015-12-18
188Unveiling of Zhudong Animation and Comic Creative Park’s 3D Mural Happy Paradise2015-12-14
189Social Welfare Local Mobile Service Launched2015-12-09
190Seeded teachers complete animation software training course2015-11-27
191Renowned groups Vox Nativa and Chinai Strings Orchestra will perform in Hsinchu County at the 2015 Building Love Concert2015-11-20
192Cycling through the sceneries of Hsinchu County2015-11-13
193Ministry of Health and Welfare authorizes Hsinchu County to establish the Hsinchu Healthy Industrial Park with 499 beds2015-11-06
194Hsinchu County chosen as one of the Top 21 smart cities by the Intelligent Community Forum2015-11-04
195The International Flower Drum Art Festival Hits the Streets - Groups from Taiwan and Overseas Put on a Show2015-10-27
1962015 Taiwan International Festival of Hakka Culture Environmental Protection Bear Garden and Little Bee Flower Sea take the stage early2015-10-15
197Super adorable 8-metre tall Pikachu woos fans at the Hsinchu County Pokémon Run2015-10-07
198Restoration of Zhubei’s Fenyang Hall completed. Active reuse officially begins2015-10-06
199Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park, the authentic “Disaster Medal” publicly displayed for the first time2015-09-25
200Everpro Social Welfare Foundation donates another rehab bus to Hsinchu County2015-09-21