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Neiwan leads the way in Hsinchu County to adopt "New Retail"
  • PostDate:2019-06-06
  • Modified Date:2019-07-02

Neiwan leads the way in Hsinchu County to adopt

To revitalize traditional shopping districts and attract more tourists, Hsinchu County Government has initiated "AI New Retail Smart Shopping District Program," in which Neiwan Shopping District will become the first in Hsinchu County to apply new technologies to its retail stores this July. During the press conference held at Neiwan Theater on May 30, Magistrate Yang Wen-ke talked with the robot, searched for travel information via the interactive kiosk, took a selfie with Hengshan Township Mayor Zhang Zhi-hong(張志弘)ith the virtual background of Neiwan Theater, and scanned the photo right away onto his phone. Magistrate Yang invited people all over Taiwan to Neiwan to experience smart life. Mayor Zhang hoped that the application of new technologies would bring more tourists from around the world to boost local development.



Magistrate Yang showed that the program will lead to revolutionary changes for all the shopping districts in Hsinchu County. Neiwan, which is estimated to attract 2.8 million visitors each year, will be the first to benefit from the program, followed by Beipu Shopping District and many others in all the townships. With a few taps on the interactive kiosk, tourists can not only obtain information such as travel maps, weather forecast, local stores and shopping districts, but also take a selfie to mark their visit. For those who do not do the "homework" before hitting the road, the kiosk will definitely be the best assistant to facilitate the trip. Furthermore, tourists can use the kiosk to order local specialties, make payments through Line Pay, and arrange the place of delivery all in one system.



Secondly, the program features the introduction of the most popular interactive travel game, in which visitors must go to the tourist attractions in person to solve the puzzle. It is hoped that this new type of promotion can draw more young tourists to travel in Hsinchu County and create the uniqueness of each shopping district. Project Manager of KEYPO, one of the two companies commissioned to carry out the program, Xia Ya-ling, said that there would be a reality puzzle-solving game held at Neiwan Shopping District on June 15. Registration is open for free for only 10 teams, a total of 40 participants. The winners can even take prizes home.



The third feature of the program is the interactive AI robot, which is packed with useful travel information. PAPAGO, the other commissioned company, showed that it would utilize its core technologies, including big data semantic analysis, IoT smart devices, big data information management, and machine learning, to provide retailers and consumers with real-time and more precise interaction.



Hsinchu County Government General Affairs Department stated that AI New Retail Smart Shopping District Program will integrate shopping and travel information of over 400 local stores and offer coupons to attract more visitors. Besides, "Hsinchu County Select Products" will be set up online so that people can purchase the high quality specialties of Hsinchu County without going out.