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81Come experience the fun of farming in Hsinchu County and visit farmers’ markets2017-11-17
82Cycle along Provincial Highway 3 and Visit Popular Attractions in Hsinchu County2017-11-10
83Come explore Hsinchu County during 2017 Hsinchu County Cultural Festival2017-11-03
84Congrats! 36 couples tie the knot in the Hsinchu County Joint Wedding2017-10-24
85Thousands of people in Hsinchu County have a parade to commemorate National Day of the Republic of China2017-10-18
862017 Hsinchu County Hakka Folk Drum Arts Festival grandly kicks off2017-10-13
87Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun visits Japan for the establishment of Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association2017-10-06
88Intech Biopharm has invested NTD 2.5 billion to set up a new pharmaceutical factory in Hsinchu Industrial Park2017-09-27
89Come join in a series of activities of “Cycle Around Hsinchu County 2017”2017-09-21
90Yimin Festival officially kicked off on September 9th, with thousands of followers swarming to Xinpu Yimin Temple2017-09-15
91Veterans share stories at revitalized Zhuangjia New Village2017-09-07
922017 Hsinchu County Yimin Festival is commencing on September 9th2017-09-01
93Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade kicks off2017-08-25
94Guangming Elementary School Dance Club wows the audience in Kochi Prefecture’s Yosakoi Festival2017-08-17
95Junior baseball games between Hsinchu County and Miyazaki Prefecture are held for sport exchange2017-08-09
96Six light travel itineraries lead visitors to fully experience Hsinchu County2017-08-02
972017 Yimin Festival is going to be filmed and take the stage in Italy2017-07-24
98Hsinchu County signs MOU with Kochi Prefecture, Japan in hopes of further educational and cultural exchange2017-07-18
99New Tile House’s Bench Theater will open on July 15th with 8 films and 7 gifts awaiting your visit2017-07-14
100Hsinchu County comes out on top in Taiwan for quality of life and modernization from the survey2017-07-07