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Hsinchu County establishes the Public Library Development Committee: Promotes the first main and branch public libraries system
  • PostDate:2020-04-13
  • Modified Date:2020-11-25

Hsinchu County establishes the Public Library Development Committee: Promotes the first main and branch public libraries system

    The Hsinchu County Government has newly established the Hsinchu County Public Library Development Committee with County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke as the convener. County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke personally convened and presided over the first 2020 Hsinchu County Public Library Development Committee meeting. During the meeting, he indicated that the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government should play a leading role and work with township and municipal libraries to jointly promote related businesses. In addition, together with the libraries of the Department of Education's elementary and junior high schools, they should create and provide quality and diversified software and hardware services for Hsinchu County.
    County Magistrate Yang also thanked the city and town mayors, experts and scholars in library and information, and enterprises experienced in promoting reading for their recommendations. He hopes that through establishing and promoting multiple strategies and development plans and with the Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau (County Public Library) as the central library, towns and cities can jointly organize a main and branch public libraries promotion model, establish a cooperative operation mechanism, and gradually achieve the vision of developing a Hsinchu County reading map.
    In 2019, Hsinchu County was rated by the Ministry of Education as an excellent city in its reading culture and national reading ability performance. To intensify efforts in encouraging and improving the reading culture of the county, County Magistrate Yang decided to finalize the outlines for the White Paper on Hsinchu County Reading Policy and the Hsinchu County Public Library Collection Development Policy at this meeting. Furthermore, he unveiled the public library logo system and librarian uniform for the first time as a step toward promoting the main and branch libraries system of the emerging Hsinchu County Main Library and the planning of a new blueprint to promote reading.
    Tien Chao-Jung, Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, said that this meeting has set the future direction of Hsinchu Public Library's efforts and principles for organizational adjustment. As for the development of the Hsinchu County Public Library for 2020, the opinions of participants will be taken into consideration and integrated. Efforts will be invested into three aspects of the development: seeking funds from the central government, organizing annual events, and reading policies for th
    Moreover, with reference to the current experience of the six special municipalities, County Magistrate Yang has finalized the white paper on reading policies. Using the vision of Literary Hsinchu, he hopes that by coordinating the white paper with key annual implementations, the reading space and environment of public libraries can be gradually improved, national reading promotion can be age classified and the reading resources in Hsinchu County can be enriched, thus laying a completely new blueprint for Hsinchu County's reading environment. As for the Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau, in addition to being a coordination and guidance center for the development of library affairs throughout the county, it will also be committed to assist branch libraries with reading promotion, reading equipment counseling and librarian training. Based on the guiding principle of "big libraries helping small libraries", development will be oriented toward the concept of feature branch libraries. The goal is to create 14 feature branch libraries to both support teaching in schools at all levels and serve as a treasure house of knowledge for residents in the community.