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12-Year Compulsory Education takes root: Students in Hsinchu County start to learn English in 1st grade
  • PostDate:2019-07-12
  • Modified Date:2019-07-30

Students in Hsinchu County start to learn English in 1st grade (1).JPG

To carry out the English Learning Enhancement Program, Hsinchu County's Zhao Men Elementary School has launched a series of English learning camps this summer. Magistrate Yang Wen-ke paid a special visit to the 2nd batch of the camp. He emphasized that to equip pupils with international communication skills and global mobility in accordance with the curriculum guideline of 12-Year Compulsory Education, students in Hsinchu County will start their English learning in 1st grade from the coming semester.



Magistrate Yang indicated that teachers will utilize the alternative curriculum to offer students an English course. Supporting measures include hiring more foreign English teachers (at least one for each township), encouraging students to read English picture books, designing English taught courses, developing cross-curricular teaching, improving English-speaking environment, and enhancing teachers' teaching proficiency. The objective is to develop basic English communication skills from an early age.



Hsinchu County covers an extensive area. There is an obvious gap of English learning effectiveness between the students studying in remote areas and those studying in urban areas, due to inferior public transportation and economic conditions for the former. To minimize the gap and respond to the bilingual policy announced by Executive Yuan, Hsinchu County Government has taken young students' English learning as a pressing task. This is certainly a milestone for the English education in Hsinchu County.



During the visit to the English camp, Magistrate Yang joined in the group competition and answered questions in English with the students. He then tasted the pear smoothie made by the students who only talked in English during the whole production process. Magistrate Yang also gave the students a pop quiz about English vocabulary, in which they showed excellent English abilities by giving quick and correct answers.