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Pacific American School launches Pacific Art Space: The first step towards establishing a future design, cultural and creative center.
  • PostDate:2020-05-15
  • Modified Date:2020-11-25

Pacific American School launches Pacific Art Space: The first step towards establishing a future design, cultural and creative center.

    This year, the Pacific American School officially established the Pacific Art Space to exhibit the works of students for public viewing. In today's opening ceremony of the Pacific American School’s Pacific Art Space, County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke and Chairman of the Alliance Cultural Foundation Stanley Yen joined in the celebration and viewed the art displays. Those interested in art are welcome to visit the Pacific Art Space from 10 am to 4 pm on May 16 to view the works of the students. The art students will be present from 10:30-11:30 in the morning and from 14:00-15:00 in the afternoon to talk about their works with visitors. County Magistrate Yang said that Pacific American School not only cultivates students in design thinking, but also develops in them the ability to solve problems and allows them to use their talents. With the slowing down of the epidemic, he welcomes the public to take a break, come enjoy the art atmosphere and give these young talents an opportunity to share their works with the public.
    According to the Head of Pacific American School Pamela Chu, although the Pacific Art Space is only a part of school art, it is the first step towards the design, cultural and creative center that Pacific American School hopes to establish in the future. She believes that the center can provide young people with a platform and integrate education and design. It can also integrate education, design and economy. Furthermore, it can include art, science and technology to encourage creativity, innovation and the use of design thinking to solve problems. The ultimate goal is to move from a cross-domain learning education into cross-domain innovation and creativity, and then integrate these innovations and creativity into reality.
    Chairman Yen of the Alliance Cultural Foundation said that art is closely related to every kind of work. He hopes that students will not give up on their art hobbies because they are a part of their lives. With an accumulation of more life experiences, artistic expressions will become a more real and fulfilling expression of self.
    As with previous years, this year's art graduates from Pacific American School have been accepted into the world's top five art academies and received high amounts of scholarships. In addition to the students who have been accepted by the Rhode Island School of Design; the Art Center College of Design; the Parson School of Design/The New School; the Pratt Institute; the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; the California College of Art; the University of the Arts London and other renowned art and design schools, Head of School Pamela Chu also mentioned that this year, their student Chiang Cheng-Chun has been accepted into the Cooper Union's School of Architecture in New York City. It is a great prestige because each year, the school accepts only 30 elite students from across the world.
    Chiang Cheng-Chun, who has been accepted by Cooper Union's School of Architecture said modestly that he felt quite fortunate. He said that he is not only happy about being accepted, but also enjoyed the creative process with his classmates when he was applying for the school. Having to complete six pieces of work and write several essays in three weeks has allowed him to grow more. He has not only learned to draw but has also learned to extract materials and draw inspiration from daily life and international topics, then express them in his works.