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1Does the Magistrate have a regular schedule to hear our appeal? How can I make an appointment with the Magistrate?
2Where are the restrooms in the County Government buildings?
3How can I apply for “Zoning Certificate?”
4How could I inquire more information about senior provision?
5How could I declare and file my personal income tax?
6Is there free legal assistance to the county residents?
7How could I apply for the handicap assistance and the disaster aid?
8Which department should I report to if I see a problematic or illegal construction?
9Which department is responsible for fixing the street light?
10Are operators of dangerous machinery and equipment required to have a license? Are licensees required to take additional periodic training courses?
11What are the legal regulations associated with paternity leave?
12Are workers required to take periodic health examinations? Who is the responsible for the related medical fees?
13How is employment discrimination defined? Is an employer punishable by law if the employer engages in employment discrimination? How do I report employment discrimination encountered during a job search?
14If a worker goes on leave and the employer then revokes a worker’s attendance bonus, is it illegal if the bonus revocation causes the worker’s salary that month to fall below minimum wage?
15How is severance pay calculated when a part-time worker is asked to work full-time (from four hours daily to eight hours daily) for business needs?
16Are companies obligated to pay workers a bonus?
17Are workers on unpaid parental leave where the job position is retained required to take the full six months of leave?
18Can an employer transfer a worker at will? Are there any legal rules regarding worker transfers?
19What are the legal regulations and procedures regarding worker layoffs? What legal rights (ie, advance notice, job-seeking leave) does a laid off worker have?
20Can companies with a worker probationary period terminate a worker’s contract at will during the probationary period?