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361An unforgettable encounter with international pianists and dancer for students: Taiwan 88 Campus Concert Tour sets foot on Hsinchu County's Neiwan Elementary School2014-05-20
362Committee members of International University Sports Federation (FISU) pay a visit to Hsinchu County Stadium to inspect the venues for 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade2014-05-06
363A lift for disadvantaged students to earn the ticket into National Taiwan College of Performing Arts: Hsinchu County Government enters into a contract with Traditional Art Performance Association2014-05-06
364Business Weekly's survey: Hsinchu County government makes great strides in improving local public finance2014-05-06
365Parents' best assistant: Hsinchu County's App and website "MaMaLove" launched2014-05-06
366Inter-municipal exchanges between Hsinchu County and Taipei City: Magistrate Chiu leads the County's rural children to the City to visit baby panda Yuan-Zai, experience Maokong Gondola and taste Taipei's delicacies2014-05-06
367A sign of love and communication: Hsinchu County's Sign Language Interpretation Service Window launches its grand opening2014-05-06
368Addressing the issue of obesity prevention: Hsinchu County Government inviting every citizen to burn fat and lose weight in a health way2014-05-06
369Stunning and Shining: 2014 Zhubei Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County inviting everyone to taste Yuanxiao (rice balls), solve lantern riddles, and carry lanterns around2014-04-01
370Hsinchu County's project "Nine Stations along Neiwan Railway Line" announces its start of construction: Magistrate Chiu calls on national master of comics Liu Hsing-Chin2014-04-01
371Hsinchu County Government signs letter of intent with Taipei City Government to promote Hakka cultures and industrial exchanges2014-04-01
372Internet without borders: another 6 hotspots of free wifi-iTaiwan expanded in Hsinchu County2014-04-01
373Hsinchu County's another international tourist attraction under construction: the Comics and Animation Park in Zhudong to announce its completion on August2014-04-01
374A ground-breaking launch: Liou Jia Senior High School to become the first bilingual high school in Hsinchu County in the coming years2014-04-01
375A green-energy, environmental-friendly and leisure mixed-use center "Lifestyle Center" with a high-tech theater to enter the Taiwan High Speed Rail's Hsinchu station area2014-04-01
376The second-phase construction of Uni-President's Hukou plant launches its ground-breaking ceremony: more than 1,000 job opportunities and production value of over NT$ 10 billion are estimated to be created2014-04-01
377Optimistic about the prospects of Hsinchu County: Over half of Taiwan's top 10 construction companies marching into the County for investment and business expansion2014-04-01
378Magistrate Chiu honoring premium healthcare institutions in cancer screening with marks of smile clinics2014-04-01
379Community Health and Vitality Contest with a total of NT$ 1,200,000 to be awarded to winner2014-04-01
380Free shuttle bus to Emei Lake and Shierliao Recreational Agriculture Area to hit the road on the coming Chinese New Year holidays and complimentary bottles of Oriental Beauty Tea to be given away to passengers2014-04-01