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Hsinchu County’s 2014 Bench Theater to invite everyone to bring stools to see movies and eat ice cream bars on every Saturday afternoon from July 19 to August 16
  • PostDate:2014-07-29
  • Modified Date:2014-07-29

Hsinchu County’s 2014 Bench Theater to invite everyone to bring stools to see movies and eat ice cream bars on every Saturday afternoon from July 19 to August 16A series of activities of 2014 Bench Theater are set to kick off. Starting from July 19 through August 16, the Bench Theater will start to broadcast a string of movies on every Saturday night. Citizens who bring stools with them to the event can get a free cooling ice cream bar. With limited offers of 400 ice cream bars, the giveaway will begin at 6pm, and one person with one stool can only get one bar per event.
Since the 2013 Bench Theater received widespread recognition, this summer, the Hsinchu County government’s Cultural Affairs Bureau is to launch a string of activities, such as the outdoor bench theater, warm and moving movies in indoor theater, street art performance, cultural and creative bazaar, and commemorative stools giveaway, and is to announce the opening of “2014 New Tile House Bench Theater” and its series of activities. Participants can put a stool around the Hakka Traditional House and Threshing Floor Square and see the movies in New Tile House Hakka Cultural District, and the indoor movie theaters and diverse art performances will also be ready, making New Tile House filled with cultures, humanity, nostalgic atmospheres from afternoon to night during the starry summer time.
Beginning from July 19 (Saturday) to August 16 (Saturday), the 2014 Bench Theater is to broadcast movies in the film room of auditorium from 4pm to 6pm and to start the bench movies at the Threshing Floor Square from 7pm to 9pm. The movies for different sessions on different dates are as follows:
─July 19, 2014 afternoon and evening session: Zone Pro Site (總舖師) and Twa-Tiu-Tiann (大稻埕)
─July 26, 2014 afternoon and evening session: The Taste of Kumquat Sauce (桔醬的滋味) and A Time in Quchi (暑假作業)
─August 2, 2014 afternoon and evening session: Rock Me To The Moon (一首搖滾上月球) and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
─August 16, 2014 afternoon and evening session: Bridge Over Troubled Water (拔一條河) and Frozen
─August 8, 2014 (at 7pm on Father’s Day): A Summer At Grandpa's (冬冬的假期) broadcast in the form of grassland theater at the Small Theatre of New Tile House
From 4:30pm to 7:00pm on 4 weekends of July 19, and 26 and August 2, and 16, in addition to the bench movies, stunning stage performances, street artists’ performances, cultural and creative bazaar, interesting old-time games and surprising free gifts will be offered to participants. In the old-time challenge games, participants who pass 4 challenges will be able to get one chance to play the lottery shaker for free candy. The Cultural and Creative Life Bazaar will invite experts from the cultural and creative industry to the event to impress the participants.
3 giveaway events will be held for consecutive weeks:

  1. (1) A Stool for an Ice Cream Bar: participant who brings a stool to the Bench Theater event can get a cooling ice cream bar (limited offers of 400 bars) from 6pm on (one stool for one person per event only)
  2. (2) Collecting Stamps for Commemorative Stools: participant can get his/her card stamped after the close of each movie session and earn a chance to get limited offers of 100 commemorative stools by collecting 4 stamps
  3. (3) Check in for Free Gifts: participant who checks in with a photo uploaded through Facebook at the information desk from 4pm to 6pm at the event can get limited offers of free stool-shaped screen cleaner.
By August 23 (Saturday), the movie makeup tutorials, which include the Hakka floriculture and animal makeups, will take place at the interactive zone of the venue. In addition, the instruction of fonts for movie posters will be held on September 13 (Saturday) and is now available for reservation. For further information regarding the “A FUN Summer Time at New Tile House‧A FUN Summer Time on Weekends” and its series of events, please visit the official fan page of 2014 New Tile House Bench Theater on Facebook ( or call 03-5584485 / 6580651 ext.602.
Source: Hsinchu County government’s Cultural Affairs Bureau
Writer: Chen Zhi-Hong