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321Ministry of Health and Welfare authorizes Hsinchu County to establish the Hsinchu Healthy Industrial Park with 499 beds2015-11-06
322Hsinchu County chosen as one of the Top 21 smart cities by the Intelligent Community Forum2015-11-04
323The International Flower Drum Art Festival Hits the Streets - Groups from Taiwan and Overseas Put on a Show2015-10-27
3242015 Taiwan International Festival of Hakka Culture Environmental Protection Bear Garden and Little Bee Flower Sea take the stage early2015-10-15
325Super adorable 8-metre tall Pikachu woos fans at the Hsinchu County Pokémon Run2015-10-07
326Restoration of Zhubei’s Fenyang Hall completed. Active reuse officially begins2015-10-06
327Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park, the authentic “Disaster Medal” publicly displayed for the first time2015-09-25
328Everpro Social Welfare Foundation donates another rehab bus to Hsinchu County2015-09-21
329TRA’s Neiwan Branch Line and Japan Railway sign a one-day pass exchange agreement2015-09-11
330Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun leads a delegation to Singapore to promote Hsinchu County’s agricultural special products2015-08-31
331Zhongzheng Bridge Opens: The North Taiwan’s Tallest Cable-Stayed Bridge2015-08-25
332Family Income and Expenditure Survey:2015-08-25
333“Baby Boom Township” Zhubei City has the Second Highest Birth Rate in Taiwan2015-08-05
334Hngyang Na Atayal won two gold medals and one silver medal at the European Choir Games and Grand Prix of Nations2015-08-05
335Hsinchu County Ranks First in “Quality of Life and Modernization Index” and “Population Growth Rate” in 2015 Overall Competitiveness Survey of 19 Cities and Counties by Global Views Monthly2015-07-13
3362015 Magistrate’s Cup Dragon Boat Race Held in Hsinchu County2015-07-08
337Hsinchu County and Ipswich Renew Sister Cities Agreement2015-06-30
338Number of Tourists Visiting Hsinchu County Hits Record High, Growth Rate of Sales in Lodging and Catering Industries Tops Taiwan2015-06-11
339Movie “Exciting Life” to Shoot in Hsinchu County2015-06-05
340Magistrate Chiu Invites Mayor of Taichung City to 2015 Taiwan International Festival of Hakka Culture2015-05-26