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Number of Hsinchu County government’s official website visitors surpasses 100 million thanks to the unfailing support from the general public
  • PostDate:2014-08-19
  • Modified Date:2014-08-19

Number of Hsinchu County government’s official website visitors surpasses 100 million thanks to the unfailing support from the general publicThe official website of Hsinchu County government has played a pivotal role in promoting the government policies and interacting with the general public, and its number of visitors, as of today, has surpassed 100 million thanks to the public support. With the County government’s active engagement in launching innovative and citizen-friendly services as well as splendidly large-scale events, the County residents have been encouraged to search for relevant information via the Internet, making the County’s number of website visitors surpass 100 million on July 28, 2014. The County government appreciates the public support and encouragement and will extend its effort to introduce innovative and convenient service and comprehensive information, the County announced. On June 5, 2014, to elevate the quality of convenient service, the County government made an official launch of its redesigned website, which has on average attracted 60,000 visitors per day. To celebrate this milestone and collect public opinions on the newly redesigned website, the County government introduced the online event “Hsinchu County Go Online, Fill out Questionnaire for Lucky Draw” and invited everyone to contribute their advice.
The official website provides comprehensive services and information about every aspect of the Hsinchu County, including 12 major public information domains (clouds) and 20 innovative citizen-friendly services (Apps and websites) based on the needs of different groups, relevant information about events such as Hsinchu Hakka Yimin Festival, Hakka Yimin Night, 2014 Hsinchu Fun Summer, and International Animation and Comics Art Festival, and tourist and food information. In addition, the County’s official fan page on Facebook “Hsinchu County-ing” will have more than 60,000 followers in the coming days. The County invites all citizens to pay more visits to our website and Facebook fan page, and states that the public participation and advice will be our strongest motivation to be better.
Hsinchu County’s 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) coverage of Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile and FETnet has reached to Zhubei City, Hukou Township and Zhudong Township, and the telecoms are to improve the facilities located in the densely-populated areas of the County, thus making residents get a closer touch of technology and humanity and building a fast and convenient Internet network environment via high-quality communication services.
The County government is to enter into contract with Chunghwa Post to release the commemorative stamps printed with Taiwan Lantern Festival in celebration of the County’s three honorable achievements: (1) the Taiwan Lantern Festival travel episode of Tourism Bureau’s “Travelscope” won 41st U.S. Daytime Emmy Awards, (2) Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun was honored the Ten Outstanding Project Managers Award as the General Coordinator of 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival, (3) Hsinchu County government’s number of website visitors surpassed 100 million.

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