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Building an age-friendly, livable, healthy city─Magistrate Chiu leading Hsinchu County to “MOVE UP”
  • PostDate:2014-06-06
  • Modified Date:2014-06-09

Building an age-friendly, livable, healthy city─Magistrate Chiu leading Hsinchu County to “MOVE UP”To shape Hsinchu County into a healthy city with livable environment, satisfactory quality of lives and sustainable development, the County government launched the first Steering Committee meeting for the second phase of “Hsinchu County’s Healthy City Program” at the Briefing Room on the second floor of County Hall on May 13. Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun invited the Deputy Magistrate Chang Jen-Hsang, Directors-general, Councilor He Gan-Ming, Councilor Lin Bao-Guang, President of Yuanpei University Lin Zhi-Cheng, President of Ton Yen General Hospital Huang Zhong-Shan and attendees from all sectors of the community to join the negotiation and discussion over related issues. Looking forward to turning the County into an age-friendly, livable and health city, Chiu delivered the certificates of appointment to the attending committee members at the meeting in the hope of borrowing their visionary ideas and meticulous planning.

The County government has been ambitiously pulling out all the stops to integrate social resources and to encourage community residents’ participation in the County’s activities. To carry out the ambition, a string of activities have been held, such as New Year Exercise Walking, Wedding Dress Road Running, Tung Blossom and Children Healthy Exercise Walking, Community Health and Vitality Contest, by the County government in 2014. Since the County has seen the improved quality of police services and public security, fire control and disaster rescue, and environmental protection and sanitation offered by the County’s agencies, the County government is to organize a series of Healthy City activities so as to further build a comprehensive Healthy City.

The Hsinchu County government has carried out the “Healthy City Program” since July, 2011, and successfully became a member of WHO Western Pacific Alliance for Healthy Cities on March, 2013. The County also implemented the “Age-friendly City Program” and named 2014 as the “Year of Healthy City.” Based on 32 international indexes, 8 domestic indexes, 35 local indexes and 12 major working projects, the County government has tried all bags of tricks to create a happier, LOHAS and better living environment for the County residents through the County government’s all-out effort to build a healthy city.

Sources: Lin Ru-Cui, Public Health Bureau of Hsinchu County Government
Tel: 03-5518160 ext. 273
Writer: Chen Zhang-Shun