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A high-tech move to create elder-friendly environment─ Hsinchu County’s App “Happy Grandpa & Grandma” and Intelligent Cloud launched
  • PostDate:2014-06-11
  • Modified Date:2014-06-16

A high-tech move to create elder-friendly environment─ Hsinchu County’s App “Happy Grandpa & Grandma” and Intelligent Cloud launchedTo create an elder-friendly environment for Hsinchu County’s senior citizens aged over 55, the County government announced the launch of App and website “Happy Grandpa & Grandma,” aiming to provide the users with comprehensive information about the necessity of life─food, healthcare, housing, traffic and amusement in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli Areas and to offer senior citizens the convenience brought by modern technology. In addition to the County’s elder residents and Taiwan Association of Retired Persons, the press conference gathered representatives from the industries, government agencies, educational institutions and academic research centers, including the Health Promotion Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare, National Development Council, Councilor Lu Dong-Wen, Mayor of Qionglin Township Zhuang Yun-Jiao, and Deputy Mayor of Wufeng Township Xiao Feng-Zheng, to witness the County’s bold move to lead the elderly lives to go electronic.
The County government has applied itself to shaping Hsinchu County into an age-friendly, livable and healthy city, and the County was certified as “Healthy City” and became a member of Western Pacific Alliance for Healthy Cities on March, 2013, Magistrate Chiu stated. Chiu emphasized that in responding to the County’s 2014 Year of Action for Health, the Community Health and Vitality Contest has started in April, 2014, and the elderly participants fully demonstrated their vigor, health, and happiness.
According to the Director-general of General Development Department Alice Ho, the App “Happy Grandpa & Grandma” has 5 major pioneering features:

  1. 1.Taiwan’s first cross-district (Taoyuan, Hsinchu & Miaoli Areas) and multi-functional App crafted for senior citizens, including over 1,500 entries of information such as Hsinchu County’s social welfare, medical institutions of Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli Areas, the consulting hotlines and addresses of elder-friendly medical shuttles, Rehabus, Evergreen Senior Citizens Center, University for the Elderly, and Senior Active Learning and Resource Center.
  3. 2.The App contains the latest and comprehensive information about national and Hsinchu County’s elderly welfare and the list of authorized assistive technology traders, and would release welfare information and various discounts from time to time.
  5. 3.The App is embedded with the alarm clock that aims to remind the users of medication, blood pressure and blood glucose level measurement.
  7. 4.The App has built-in Location Based Service (LBS) and path navigation, which offer users quick searches for elderly institutions and their addresses.
  9. 5.Taiwan’s first website that provides users with information regarding daily lives of senior citizens, and “The Latest News” is added and listed on the website to distribute more detailed information.
To encourage the general public to download “Happy Grandpa & Grandma,” a raffle activity “An Elder at Home is a Treasure Your Own” will kick off from June 6 to July 6. Participants who join the fan club “Hsinchu County-ing,” successfully download the App and upload photos of grandpas and grandmas onto the App will have a chance to bag the prizes, and some photos could be selected and displayed in turn on the website of Happy Grandpa & Grandma. For further information, please visit the official website of Hsinchu County government or Hsinchu County-ing, the County’s fan club on Facebook.
Hsinchu County Government’s official website:
Hsinchu County-ing (official fan club on Facebook):
Hsinchu County’s integration platform of open data:
Website of Happy Grandpa & Grandma:
The General Development Department pointed out that to expand the services for the public, the County government declared the initiation of the integration platform of open data─“Hsinchu County Intelligent Cloud, Happy & Easy Life.” Connecting to the open data platforms of Taoyuan County, Hsinchu City and Maioli County, Hsinchu County’s Intelligent Cloud functions to integrate the open data of policies and civic information from National Development council. The Intelligent Cloud contains 12 major public information domains (clouds), and introduces 19 innovative citizen-friendly services (Apps and websites) and 51 entries of open data based on different ethnic groups. In addition, Hsinchu County government’s number of visitors has topped 96 million and finished its revision on June 5, 2014, thus offering the public real-time, efficient and innovative services.
Source: Shen Hui-Hong, Section Chief of Information Management Section, Hsinchu County government’s General Development Department
Contact person: Yang Xiu-Ling ( Tel: 03-5518101 ext. 3752)