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Tekkaman Blade clinches the championship in Taiwan Super Cosplay Celebration, to travel to Japan for World Cosplay Summit
  • PostDate:2014-06-04
  • Modified Date:2014-06-04

Tekkaman Blade clinches the championship in Taiwan Super Cosplay Celebration, to travel to Japan for World Cosplay SummitTaiwan Super Cosplay Celebration (TSCC), the grandest and representative Cosplay event in Taiwan, declared its launch at the Performance Hall of Hsinchu County's Cultural Affairs Bureau on May 11, with a total of 38 participants from 19 groups competing in the final. All participants dressed up to demonstrate their best looks and glamour, hoping to bag the championship. Dressing like Terry (陶斯), a character from manga Candy Candy, Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun took the stage and beat the drum to unveil the opening of competition. Chiu also announced his goals and determination to build the Taiwan Comics Dream Park and to turn it into the County's international tourist attraction. 

During the heated competition of TSCC, many cosers tried the whole bag of tricks to give their best performances, and the results turned out to be the cosers "Ultimate" (究極) and AYA (紅月凌) who pocketed the championship by dressing as Tekkaman Blade (宇宙騎士利刃) and Tekkaman Aki (宇宙騎士亞紀). Magistrate Chiu delivered the award of NT$ 50,000 to them, and they also received extra overseas sponsorship of NT$ 20,000 and the right to participation in Japan’s World Cosplay Summit. The Cosers Mr. Zhou (小周) and Lieh-Shen (裂神) came in second and attracted recognition and applause from the judges by dressing as Zhao Yun (趙雲) and Xiahou Dun (夏侯惇), two characters from the video game Dynasty Warriors 7, and were delivered the award of NT$ 20,000 by Igarashi Yumiko (五十嵐優美子). The Cosers MARK II (小馬) and Lan (然), who dressed in full-body robot suits with decoration of LED as Gundam ZZ (ZZ鋼彈) and Qubeley (丘貝雷) from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (機動戰士鋼彈ZZ), seized the third place in the competition and won attendees' ovation, and were delivered the award of NT$ 10,000 by the Director of TSCC Chen Hong-Ming. The cosers Saya (沙耶) and Yu Hua (語花) bagged the prize of popular performance by dressing as MIKU (初音‧蝶) and RUKA (巡音‧華) from Hatsune Miku (初音未來). 

As the preliminary for World Cosplay Summit, "Taiwan Super Cosplay Celebration" has come to its 11th year, and 2014, for Taiwan, is the first time to register as an official participating country. The Hsinchu County government has made all-out effort to fight for this opportunity to host the event and to bring the County's cultures of comics and anime to the international spotlight by integrating the resources of comics and animes worldwide, Magistrate Chiu stated. 

Hailed as the Olympics event of Cosplay circle, the World Cosplay Summit has been the most magnificent annual event for the die-hard fans of Cosplay since its start in 2003. Every August, the countries' champion teams from all over the world would travel to Nagoya in Japan to participate in a string of related exchange activities, with the ultimate goal of clinching the world championship. The champion team of TSCC will tour Japan on behalf of Taiwan to earn the honor, to promote Taiwan and Hsinchu County, and to demonstrate our performing arts of Cosplay to the globe.