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Xinpu Township’s sweet, crispy and round Lucky Pear hits the market
  • PostDate:2014-07-16
  • Modified Date:2014-07-16

Xinpu Township’s sweet, crispy and round Lucky Pear hits the marketHsinchu County has fertile lands and is rich in natural resources and products, and its administrative district Xinpu, a township located at the northeastern, is known as the hometown of pears and persimmons. To promote the refined agriculture and domestic and high-quality pears, the Hsinchu County government’s Agriculture Department entered into the cooperation with Hsinchu County Farmers’ Association to grow juicy and tasty Lucky Pears through the setup of demonstration gardens by Xinpu Production and Marketing Group’s Chen Xin-Yuan, which received recognition from Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun, Director-general of Agriculture Department Chen Yi-Huang, Director of Hsinchu County Farmers’ Association Fan Gang-Hong and Secretary-general Wen Bi-Cheng. Magistrate Chiu and others stated that Lucky Pear’s sweetness and mouthfeel are no worse than those of imported pears, and its future mass yields in the coming years will be expected to improve the County farmers’ incomes and the sustainability of the County’s agricultural development.
Promoting the refined agriculture is one of Hsinchu County government’s five perspectives on administrative services, Magistrate Chiu announced. Assisted by the County government and Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute and funded by the Agriculture and Food Agency, the County Farmers’ Association and Production and Marketing Group of Xinpu Farmers’ Association grafted the stock of Dong-shih Lucky Pear on the scion, which yielded crispy and sweet (12 degree Brix) Lucky Pears. It is believed that the bilateral collaboration between the industry and government can lead to the County’s win-win situation of agricultural development.
Director Fan and Secretary-general Wen sent special thanks to Magistrate Chiu for leading the County’s agricultural team to call on Japan for exchanges of techniques in March, 2014, and also looked forward to seeing the pear industry take root in Hsinchu County. Grafted upon the pear scion, the Lucky Pear is a white, rare-ripe, large-fruit breed of fruit and weighs one and a half kilos, which is half a kilo heavier than ordinary pears, with the market price reaching NT$ 90 to 110 per kilo. With fine appearance and mouthfeel, Lucky Pear’s yield could climb onto 20,000 kilos per hectare after experiencing grafting and mass yields, thereby further shining the spotlight on Hsinchu County’s pear industry.
Source: Agriculture Department of Hsinchu County Government
Tel: 03-5518101
Writer: Chen Chang-Shun