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Parents' best assistant: Hsinchu County's App and website "MaMaLove" launched
  • PostDate:2014-05-06
  • Modified Date:2014-05-06

Parents' best assistant: Hsinchu County's App and website The Hsinchu County government announced the official launch of Taiwan’s first cross-district, free, and integrated mobile service─the app and website “MaMaLove” at the hall on April 10, 2014. With MaMaLove in hands, new parents can easily pinpoint the most comprehensive medical and nursing resources as well as maternal and child welfare, and all sorts of relevant services, including information about pediatrics, infant daycare center, preschool, central and local relevant welfare, can be retrieved through finger swipes. It is expected that the service of this App and website can be maximized and optimized to lend Hsinchu County’s parents a useful hand, Magistrate Chiu Ching-Chun stated. 

Since Hsinchu Science Park, Industrial Technology Research Institute, industrial park and Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park are based in Hsinchu County, many business have been attracted to march into the Hsinchu Area. The County also ranked 1st in 2013 Taiwan Happy City, and has the 2nd highest crude birth rate and placed 3rd in Taiwan’s Young City. 

To offer attention and services to large groups of young women and children, the County government established the comprehensive Women and Children Caring Strategic Alliance by integrating Hsinchu’s existing maternal and child resources, the Director-general of Hsinchu County’s General Development Department Alice Ho Cai-Chun remarked. The Strategic Alliance aims to promote the caring works for women and children, and encompasses 7 local major medical institutions in the County, Hsinchu County’s postpartum care centers, Ming-Hsin University of Science and Technology, the nationally-established maternal and child multi-media business group─Baby & Mother Magazine, Public Health Bureau of Hsinchu City Government, and Hsinchu County government’s relevant agencies (Social Affairs Department, Department of Education, Police Bureau, Public Health Bureau). Since the County has the highest coverage rate of mobile devices Internet use in Taiwan, the County government opted to create more happiness for local women and children in a high-tech way by introducing the App and website “MaMaLove” to the public. 

Alice Ho noted that the App and website “MaMaLove” are primarily crafted for pregnant women and babies under 3 years old, and a package of complete information about maternal and child resources and welfare, such as obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, child daycare resources, prenatal checkup, vaccination reminder, child growth curve, welfare, is included for their references. Handy and convenient Location-Based Services (LBS) and automatic dialing are especially installed in the App to facilitate the searching and running procedure. In addition, with another function “Camera” built in the App, parents can record their babies’ any unforgettable and important moments anytime and anywhere in the forms of lovely photos or vivid videos. 

Six major pioneering features of MaMaLove:

1. Taiwan's first cross-district, free, and integrated multi-function maternal and child App, including over 700 entries of information such as Hsinchu Area’s maternal and child emergency medical institutions, obstetrics and gynecology, postpartum care centers, vaccination, pediatrics, local Public Health Center, breastfeeding rooms, infant daycare centers, consultation hotline and address of preschool. 

2. Taiwan's first App and website that contain comprehensive information regarding Hsinchu Area’s and national welfare 

3. Taiwan's first App and website that offer a variety of checkups reminder (such as children’s physical examination and vaccination) and babies’ growth records (including records of height, weight, head circumference, milk or breast feeding, and excretion as well as babies’ lovely photo albums and growth diary). 

4. Taiwan's first App and website that provide mothers with prenatal checkups reminder, obstetrics and gynecology information, postpartum care center introduction, and knowledge of pregnancy. 

5. Taiwan's first App and website that cooperate with the famous Baby and Mother Magazine and provide users with activity information about the courses of Mother’s classrooms in Hsinchu Area 

6. Taiwan's first App and website that include and compile the knowledge of maternity and child health care. In addition to the detailed information offered by the website, “The Latest News” and “Knowledge of Pregnancy” are added and listed on the website, and its home page is designed in an energetic style with babies’ photos illustrated in the background, thus making mothers relaxed while scrolling the page. 

To encourage citizens to download the App MaMaLove, a raffle activity “Looking for Lovely Baby,” starting from April 11 through May 11, was launched, and participants who join the fan club “Hsinchu County-ing”, successfully download the App and upload photos of children aged under 3 onto the App will have a chance to pocket the prizes such as Samsung smartphone, Baby and Mother magazines, Ton-Yon General Hospital’s executive physical examination set meal, and nutritional supplements, etc. Besides, some photos of babies could be selected and displayed in turn on the website of “MaMaLove.” For further information, please visit the official website of Hsinchu County government or Hsinchu County-ing, the County’s fan club on facebook. 

Hsinchu County Government's official website:

Hsinchu County-ing (official fan club on Facebook):

Website of MaMaLove:

Source: Information Management Section of General Development Department, Hsinchu County Government

Contact Person: Section Chief Shen Hui-Hong (03-5518101, ext. 3766) & Wang Qiong-Yao (03-5518101, ext. 3755)