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Hsinchu County chosen as one of the Top 21 smart cities by the Intelligent Community Forum
  • PostDate:2015-11-04
  • Modified Date:2015-11-04

Hsinchu County chosen as one of the Top 21 smart cities by the Intelligent Community ForumIntelligent Community Forum (ICF), headquartered in New York announced SMART 21 at 4pm local time on October 21. Hsinchu County was on the list of finalists. Thanks  to everyone who have been involved in the effort to make Hsinchu County a “smart city.”  Other cities in Taiwan such as New Taipei City, Kaohsiung City, Taoyuan City and Taidong County also made the Smart 21.

The county government will actively continue pursue the objective of making Hsinchu County a “smart city”, with respect to this year’s theme of “From revolution to renaissance” providing more information and integrating the intelligentization results of all department bureaus and various quarters in the county, with the aim of reaching the Top 7; the Top 7 will be announced by ICF in February next year, with the Top 1 to be announced in June next year.   

This time more than 100 cities took part in the ICF smart city selection. With respect to the six topics that were evaluated (broadband, knowledge workforce, innovation, digital inclusion, sustainable development, and marketing and advocacy)  Hsinchu county displayed its technological, Hakka culture and livability characteristics. Its distinctive features for each topic are explained below:

       The county’s administrative organs and scenic spot service centers and other public spaces offer free wireless internet hotspots. A 4G mobile network has also been laid in the county, creating a convenient and friendly digital environment, not only making e-government services more efficient, but also promoting the speeding up and smoothing of information exchange between, enterprises and research institutes.

2. Knowledge Workforce
       This county has high potential and power to develop knowledge industry. Within its borders there are two high-tech parks, four large cooperative education universities, one cultural campus, three industry-academia cooperation bases, one central government directly managed research institution and a park that combines medical biotech and IC Reserach & Development. Through the combining of the county’s substantial industry, government, academic, research, medical power for staged nurturing, the formation of young high level knowledge workers, skills and industry talent is accelerated to create more economic and innovation opportunities.

       As the era of information and technology continues to develop apace,  our government is gradually using computers and the cloud to provide services. Externally, this includes medical, transport, social welfare and police services. Internally, includes  internal operating system upgrading and informationization through technology and innovative development the problems of distance and environment are overcome, taking government service to every corner of the county, allowing all citizens to enjoy convenient services and innovation.

4.Digital Inclusion
      There is a different level of urbanization in the townships of Hsinchu County. Children in remote townships have more limited learning opportunities than those in less-remote or urban areas. In response, in cooperation with academic and research units, the county government is using digital education to close the rural-urban learning gap. With respect to the elderly, free tablet PC experience classes are held, and Hsinchu is also the first county in Taiwan to offer free computer classes to the visually, physically and  audibly disadvantaged.  

5.Sustainable development
      The county government attaches importance to the preservation, sustainable inheritance and development of Hakka culture. Hakka culture is also advocated when creating new buildings and, to cope with  future impact of climate changes, a low carbon plan and events are actively implemented. Related platforms have been established to use technology to overcome distance. A cloud healthy city plan has also been formulated that increases citizen health self-monitoring and disease self-management ability.

6.Marketing and Advocacy
      Using smart technology at various large-scale events, providing free wireless Internet connection, live online broadcast of splendid events, guide APPs, event official website and online marketing, to market the distinctive features of Hsinchu County.