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Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park, the authentic “Disaster Medal” publicly displayed for the first time
  • PostDate:2015-09-25
  • Modified Date:2015-09-25

Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park, the authentic “Disaster Medal” publicly displayed for the first time“Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park” located in Chingchuan (Qingquan) Village conducted a series of anniversary events on September 18th. The authentic “Disaster Medal” from the Xian Incident was displayed to the public for the first time. The car imported and manufactured in 1931 by Zhang Xueliang was also donated by the collector for exhibition.

“Disaster Medal” was donated by the son of General Yang Zhong-An, Yang Chien-Chen. The medal was given to General Yang Zhong-An for protecting Chiang Kai-Shek in the Xian Incident. In addition, Yang Chien-Chen also donated Zhang Xueliang’s  authentic calligraphy work kept by his father, “Universe in the chest, Walking in wind and frost under the pen”, for exhibition at Zhang Xueliang’s Mansion. Yang Chien-Chen said, when he came back to Taiwan from the United States last year, he visited Zhang Xueliang Cultural Park. As he thinks that it is important that people today and in the future must know this page of history, therefore he donated this medal, and helped restore the truth behind the Xian Incident.

In addition, as for the domestic car “Mingsheng Brand” promoted by Zhang Xueliang, Musclecar GT specifically imported a reproduction of this sedan from the United States for exhibition at the Park, so people knows about the car’s connection to Zhang Xueliang. County Government Secretary-General Yang Wen-Ke represented Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun to thank Yang Chien-Chen for his generosity and gave him an Honorable County Citizen Certificate, and awarded an Appreciation Award to Musclecar GT. Yang Wen-Ke emphasized that, though relic display, the truth of history is shown to commemorate the soldiers and citizens who sacrificed themselves for the greater good during the turbulent times.