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Everpro Social Welfare Foundation donates another rehab bus to Hsinchu County
  • PostDate:2015-09-21
  • Modified Date:2015-09-21

Everpro Social Welfare Foundation  donates another rehab bus to Hsinchu CountyThe joint rehab bus donation press conference was held at WutuAkiba Mall’s square in Taipei on September 8. Everpro Social Welfare Foundation donated nine rehab buses to county and city governments throughout Taiwan. The bus donated to Hsinchu County was accepted by Deputy Magistrate Hsu Gan-mei on behalf of Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun. She praised the “rehab bus 10 years love conveying program” for helping numerous mentally and physically disabled people making society warmer and spreading love!

The “rehab bus 10 years love conveying program” of Everpro Social Welfare Foundation is in its 8th year since 2008. All 80 rehab buses have been donated to recipients across Taiwan to assist mentally and physically disabled people; the number of rehab buses in Taiwan has increased from 380 to 1639 in the past eight years from 2008 to 2015.

Deputy Magistrate Hsu said that this bus donation followed a similar donation by Everpro Social Welfare Foundation in 2011. As of 2015, the number of Hsinchu County’s rehab buses, has increased from 4 to 21. Until now, they have already served 40,000 people, about 10 times as before. The county government will also use central government subsidy to buy two more rehab buses at the end of this year, to achieve the policy of purchasing new rehab buses every year.

Deputy Magistrate Hsu also said that Magistrate Chiu has implemented various social welfare measures; and, continuing to increase the related budget and actively striving to receive central subsidy. Compassion from all quarters of society is being used to achieve the aim of building a high quality living environment characterized by “complete social welfare and healthy city.”