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Junior high students from the Journalism Camp have an exclusive interview with Magistrate Yang
  • PostDate:2019-03-15
  • Modified Date:2019-04-18

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On March 11, a few 7th graders from Liujia High School along with their principal Wang Shu-lan and instructors Wu Mei-wei and Huang Qian-fang visited Hsinchu County Hall to take part in a "press conference internship" held by the Center of Young Adult Affairs and Journalism Sector. With the basic knowledge about journalism they learned in the textbook, the students took advantage of the chance to learn outside the classroom. They also visited the Audiovisual Center of Hsinchu County Government, where the staff vividly introduced all the equipment in the studio and the duties of a news anchor. Then, the highlight of the day was to interview Magistrate Yang Wen-ke. Magistrate Yang answered the questions from the excited students one by one, and felt delighted with their learning attitude.


Magistrate Yang showed that he was quite impressed by many pertinent questions from the students, especially about the visions of the government and my motive for becoming the magistrate.


Principal Wang stated that to cultivate students' core competencies, school education no longer focuses only on academic performances but emphasizes students' ability to apply what they learn to the daily life.


Li Ya-yu, one of the participants from Liujia High School, said that she found it a challenge to be a journalist. "A Journalist has to know what to ask and how to ask properly, and then report it objectively," she added. Through the opportunity, she experienced the fun and hardship of a journalist.


During the interview, the questions were all prepared by the students in the 7th grade and raised in the form of a press conference. It is hoped that this event would allow students to care more about public affairs, local development and cultures, and in the meantime equip students with the abilities to read, write, take actions, communicate and cooperate with each other so as to turn them into well-rounded learners .