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Councilors visit the county hall to keep track of current progress of government work
  • PostDate:2019-01-25
  • Modified Date:2019-02-22

Councilors visit the county hall to keep track of current progress of government work

Led by Council Speaker Zhang Zhen-rong(張鎮榮) and Deputy Speaker Wang Ping-han(王炳漢), 24 members of the 19th Hsinchu County Council visited Hsinchu County Hall to know more about the blueprint for Hsinchu County's future development. During the presentation, Magistrate Yang Wen-ke announced his three objectives: the Artificial Intelligence Center, the Taiwan Knowledge Economy Park, and the Third-Stage Development of Hsinchu Science Park. Magistrate Yang hoped he would gain the support of the Council and strive for the prosperity of Hsinchu County in the following thirty years.


Council Speaker Zhang Zhen-rong indicated that this visit was just a start. He hoped there would be effective communications between the county government and the Council so that all the government affairs and work could be accomplished with high efficiency. He also hoped that everyone could perform their own duties and strive for greater well-beings of all the citizens.


Magistrate Yang showed that he had instructed all the government agencies to evaluate councilors' proposals considering "emotions," "reasons," and "laws," and report the progress back to the councilors. He emphasized that all of these proposals were precious suggestions from the citizens, and that the county government would try its best to do the right things.


Director of General Development Department Chiu Chun-liang(邱俊良) specially gave a presentation to the councilors, elaborating on the organizational structure of the government and the progress of multiple tasks, including youth policies, industrial development, traffic, environmental protection, education, tourism, agriculture, medical services, and social welfare.


Magistrate Chiu also illustrated the progress of Magistrate Yang's three objectives:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Center: An approved fund of NT$923.04 million will be provided by the central government. The application of the establishment is expected to be accomplished by September, 2019, and the construction is expected to be finished by December, 2020.
  2. Taiwan Knowledge Economy Park: The strategic environmental assessment report will be sent to Environmental Protection Administration by February, 2019. And the project will be submitted to the Urban Planning Commission by March, 2019, for further discussion.
  3. Third-Stage Development of Hsinchu Science Park: The departments concerned are gathering opinions of the land owners and adjusting the draft plan. The project is expected to be submitted to the Urban Planning Commission by February, 2019, for further discussion.