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Zhudong Township's Wujian Health Center Opens
  • PostDate:2019-02-08
  • Modified Date:2019-02-27

Zhudong Township's Wujian Health Center Opens

Zhudong Township has the greatest population density of indigenous people in Hsinchu County, with a total of 4,124 indigenous residents. To provide elderly indigenous residents with a healthier and happier life, Hsinchu County Government has established Wujian Health Center in Zhudong Township, which opened on the morning of January 31. During the opening ceremony, a few middle-aged indigenous housewives performed exercises and invited Magistrate Yang Wen-ke(楊文科), Councilor Chang I-Sheng(張益生) and Liu Chien-min(劉建民) to join them. Zhudong Township Mayor Luo Ji-xiang(羅吉祥) was also present on this joyous occasion.


Magistrate Yang believes that taking care of indigenous people (especially those who are above 55 years of age and have suboptimal health or have difficulty looking after themselves) and creating a better living environment for them are the duties of the county government. In the first two months of Magistrate Yang's term of office, he attended the opening ceremony of Xiuluan Bridge, the sod-turning ceremony of Zhudong Indigenous Education Center, and now the opening ceremony of Wujian Health Center. Magistrate Yang promises to shoot for financial support to set up more health centers in Zhudong Township and benefit more indigenous residents.


The Department of Indigenous People Affairs, Hsinchu County Government, indicates that the county government has been promoting long-term healthcare of indigenous people in cooperation with the Council of Indigenous Peoples. Several indigenous health centers have been established in Wufeng Township, Jianshi Township, and Hukou Township. As of the end of 2018, Hsinchu County Government had set up Shuitian Health Center, Meihua Health Center, Naluo Health Center, Yufeng Health Center in Jianshi Township, Huayuan Health Center, Taoshan Health Center in Wufeng Township, and Shanguang Health Center in Hukou Township. These health centers are estimated to provide healthcare services for 220 indigenous people above 55 years of age.


In 2019, Hsinchu County Government received a fund from the Council of Indigenous Peoples again to establish Yixing Health Center in Jianshi Township and Wujian Health Center in Zhudong Township. It is estimated to increase the number of indigenous residents who could make use of the healthcare services from 220 to 260. To date, the county government has obtained more than NT$16.62 million in total for the establishment of these nine health centers.


President of Zhudong Township Indigenous People Care Association Qian Shi-wei(錢世偉) shows that Wujian Health Center will provide regular services for up to 20 elderly indigenous people, and its staff will visit more indigenous residents at times to offer home care and patient escort services.