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Magistrate Yang turned into matchmaker for 70 young single people in Hsinchu County
  • PostDate:2019-02-01
  • Modified Date:2019-02-25

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Many men and women seek for divine help in finding the perfect partner in a temple, but there might be another option in Hsinchu County! On January 26, the Center of Young Adult Affairs, Hsinchu County Government, held a dating event at Zhudong Township's Xiao Ru-song Art Park. Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke turned himself into Cupid for 70 young single male and female participants. At the beginning of the event, Magistrate Yang stuck a few slogans—"Warm Families," "Job Opportunity," "Innovative Business," "Business Start-up Loan," and "Local Recruitment"—onto the board, which symbolized that his youth policies were officially launched.


Guided by the event staff, the young participants enjoyed the views of Japanese-style buildings, visited an exhibition, and played interesting games together in a park filled with artistic atmosphere. They chatted about their jobs, their future plans, and their dreams and exchanged contact information with each other. This dating event & young adult forum was open for single people who are under 45 years of age. The county government also invited marriageable young staff from the Fire Bureau.


During the event, Magistrate Yang shared his love story with the young participants. He mentioned that his marriage to his beloved wife entered the 40th year. After he took office as Magistrate, he would like to help the young have their own families and careers. "Nowadays, everyone knows how to earn money and how to enjoy life, but many people have few chances to make friends," Magistrate Yang stated. He hoped everyone could meet more friends on this occasion, and he promised that he would hold job fairs in each township in the near future.


This event attracted 60 females and 159 males, with an average age of 33 and 35 respectively, to sign up. At last, 35 females and 35 males were accepted to take part in the event based on the order of their registration. The average age of the female and male participants was 32.2 and 34.8, and the youngest female participant was 22, while the youngest male participant was 24. These participants were from all walks of life, with 22 working in technology industry and 11 working as soldiers, police officers, firefighters, teachers and public servants.


The next step of the Center of Young Adult Affairs is to increase job opportunities for the local young talents in cooperation with Zhubei Employment Service Center, Hsinchu County Government Labor Affairs Department, and several tech companies. In the future, the Center of Young Adult Affairs will provide fresh graduates with assistance in career exploration and planning. Besides, it will also help the middle-aged make a career change and offer on-the-job trainings.