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Magistrate Yang pays a New Year call along with Deputy Magistrate and Secretary-General
  • PostDate:2019-02-15
  • Modified Date:2019-02-27

Magistrate Yang pays a New Year call along with Deputy Magistrate and Secretary-General

Taking office for one and a half months, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke(楊文科) paid a New Year call to the government staff along with new Deputy Magistrate Chen Chien-hsien(陳見賢) and Secretary-General Chen Ji-yuan(陳季媛). Magistrate Yang emphasized that he would roll up his sleeves and strive for the prosperity of Hsinchu County. According to Magistrate Yang, he had great mutual trust with Deputy Magistrate Chen Chien-hsien, and he described Secretary-General Chen Ji-yuan as gentle but decisive. He hoped that all the government staff could follow his steps to make Hsinchu County better and better on the strong foundation having been built by former magistrates.


In his speech, Magistrate Yang mentioned that the US-China trade war would change the global supply chain. Under the influence of new tariff measures, many Taiwanese businesspeople would relocate their businesses back in Taiwan from China. In the face of a whole new era, Magistrate Yang had declared three major projects to achieve, and he required that each department make progress every season and every year in the following four years.


In addition, Magistrate Yang showed his concern about population ageing. He indicated that people above 65 years of age accounted for 14% of the total population in 2018, which meant one out of every seven people was a senior citizen. By 2030, elderly people would reach 20% of the total population, and Taiwan would become a super-aged society. Magistrate Yang hoped that the county government could make proper response and enable the elderly to live with dignity.


Legislator Lin Wei-chou(林為洲) said that he could feel Magistrate Yang's passion for managing Hsinchu County. In the new year, he would transfer from Judiciary Committee to Internal Administration Committee, so he would give full support to Hsinchu County Government in terms of urban planning and local construction. Council Speaker Zhang Zhen-rong(張鎮榮) thanked police officers and fire fighters at first, for they still stuck to their posts for public security even during the Lunar New Year holidays. He also emphasized that the Council would help the county government bring prosperity to Hsinchu County.


Magistrate Yang expressed gratitude to the Council for its support and showed his resolution to fulfill all his election promises and make Hsinchu County the happiest and healthiest place. Deputy Magistrate Chen, who had served in the Council for eight years, said that no matter where he was, taking good care of every citizen would always be his priority.