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The only school in Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City and Miaoli County to receive the Ministry of Education’s augmented subsidy— Liou Jia Senior High School Bilingual Experimental Class begins enrollment in 2021 academic year
  • PostDate:2021-06-19
  • Modified Date:2021-08-30

The only school in Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City and Miaoli County to receive the Ministry of Education’s augmented subsidy— Liou Jia Senior High School Bilingual Experimental Class begins enrollment in 2021 academic year

In response to the 2030 national bilingual policy, the Ministry of Education has formulated an augmented subsidy program for bilingual experimental classes. This program provides subsidies for only 50 schools nationwide. The Hsinchu County Liou Jia Senior High School is the only school in the Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City and Miaoli County region to receive the Bilingual Experimental Class subsidy from the K-12 Education Administration of the Ministry of Education. Enrollment for the class will begin in the 2021 academic year. Freshman students enrolled in Liou Jia Senior High School in the 2021 academic year will be selected for its International Bilingual Experimental Class. The selection is based on a written review, which accounts for 50% of the review (of which 30% is the English score in the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students, and 20% is the Career Development Plan); an interview, which accounts for 25%; and a language proficiency test, which accounts for 25%. A total of 35 students will be selected for enrollment.
Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-Ke said that Liou Jia Senior High School is the first bilingual high school in Hsinchu County. Since its restructuring in 2015, the school has gradually implemented bilingual teaching with the goal of cultivating international elite talents and achieving international mobility. The bilingual teaching has been well received by both parents and students. More than a dozen of its graduates are currently studying abroad. In recent years, the school has actively sought various subsidy programs from the county government and the Ministry of Education. It has dedicated itself to upgrading teaching software and hardware facilities, formulating more ideal teaching curricula, and providing a wealth of international exchange activities.
Director Yang Chun-Tzu of the Department of Education pointed out that the International Bilingual Experimental Class of Liou Jia Senior High School will be jointly taught by foreign teachers and teachers in the school. The curriculum development will be based on feature courses, elective course design, implementation of themed courses and innovative teaching strategies. In addition, social resources will be incorporated to provide students with activities such as experiments, discussions and field trips. Furthermore, relevant seminars will be organized, such as keynote lectures, independent research and vacation camps. The school has also planned to increase its proportion of bilingual teaching year by year starting from the 2021 academic year, increase the students' exposure to English, create an immersive English learning environment, and provide opportunities for students to go to sister schools in the United States for short-term exchanges.
Starting in the 2023 academic year, students will be able to choose at least one university preparatory course.
Principal Wang Shu-Lan of Liou Jia Senior High School said that after completing the second year of high school, students can either choose to stay in the country to continue their studies in the third year, or participate in a dual education program if they have the desire to study abroad. The dual education program would allow the students to complete their third year in a high school in the United States and directly apply to an overseas university. Those who meet the English proficiency threshold can also remain in Taiwan and take Global Online Learning courses accredited by the US College Partnership. After graduating, they can then enroll in the university where they had taken the courses to earn an associate degree, or transfer to another US university to obtain a bachelor's degree. Students can also enroll in other foreign universities according to the general application process and study abroad at a university after graduating from high school.
The Liou Jia Senior High School International Bilingual Experimental Class aims to cultivate students with a clear orientation towards international education, improve students' language ability to meet future needs, and guide students in their participation of various foreign language certifications. It has established an international education cooperation system and uses dual education system and preparatory programs such as college preparatory courses or advanced placement (AP) courses to provide students with opportunities for further studies at home and abroad. In this way, the school can assist students in their international education and career planning by helping them transition successfully into the higher education systems of other countries and completing their international learning goals.