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So beautiful! Architectural design of non-profit Jiafeng Kindergarten affirmed by 3 international awards.
  • PostDate:2021-02-23
  • Modified Date:2021-05-18

So beautiful! Architectural design of non-profit Jiafeng Kindergarten affirmed by 3 international awards.

The Hsinchu County Government invested NT$153.65 million into the construction of the non-profit Jiafeng Kindergarten and Childcare Center. The Center was completed and opened in September 2020, and is expected to enroll 12 classes with a total of 332 children. The design concept of the school building is "color palette." With the collaborative efforts of the county government team and Lin Wei-Cheng Architects, the building won the high-profile international New York Design Awards Silver for urban design, the South Korean Asia Design Prize, and the British International Property Award.
County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke said that classroom spaces in Jiafeng Kindergarten and Childcare Center are distinguished with colors. In consideration of the physical environment of the site, the ground floor is an open concept to allow comfortable breezes to blow freely through the space, while allowing children to learn in classrooms and outdoor spaces without being affected by strong winds.
The design for the outdoor spaces is an integration of a learning area: a central activity plaza, an ecology and agriculture park, an outdoor physical fitness area, a nature and ecology exploration area, and an outdoor graffiti wall, making the entire campus is a large classroom.
According to the Architect Lin Wei-Cheng, the shape of the building took into consideration that the high-speed rail area was once farmland. It was irrigated by water drawn from the Touqian River into Shueibiantou. Therefore, the idea of canal water from a river was incorporated into the plan and design. In addition, to effectively stimulate the children’s sensory experience, auditory, visual and tactile learning models were incorporated to create a "bird's nest " space. By activating nature learning, fitness activities, art, food safety education and ecological education, the overall function of the campus is enriched.
Furthermore, in order to achieve the six core qualities of early childhood education, domains such as knowledge exchange, art and aesthetics, nature and ecology, and fitness health are included into the design. Plants such as golden trumpet tree, crape myrtle, Taiwan golden-rain tree and Taiwan cherry are planted in the garden so that the children can experience the changing landscape of the four seasons.  With a sound balance between hardware and software, a happy learning and growth environment for kindergarten education is created for the children.