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21Global Views Top 3 Policy Satisfaction Improvements Yang Wen-ke: Touch People’s Hearts Through Hard Work2022-06-06
22“Appreciate Teng Yu-hsien’s Music” Flash Event Success Yang Wen-ke: Music to Soothe the Soul 2022-05-28
23The Dragon Boat Contest Restarts After Two-Year Suspension Yang Wen-ke Presides Over Blessings Ceremony2022-05-17
24Hsinchu County Government and Shown Group Create “Shown Square” with Movie Theaters, Restaurants, and a Shopping Mall 2022-05-01
25Hsinchu JKO Lioneers’ Last Home Regular in This Season Magistrate Yang Wen-ke Cheers for the Team2022-04-29
26A Warm May Day in Hsinchu County--Yang Wen-ke Visits 13 Townships and Cities to Praise Model Mothers2022-04-19
27Classic Musical “Cats” Staged for the First Time in Hsinchu County—Fans Enjoyed It!2022-03-18
28Magistrate Yang Wen-ke Sends Female Staff in Hsinchu County Government Roses for Their Contributions 2022-03-08
29The Hsinchu County Government Delegation Visits the Nantou County Government for Exchanges and Discussions on Cooperative Opportunities of Agricultural Tourism2022-02-23
30Hsinchu County Reading Club Friends Plus One! Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, and Hsinchu County Share Millions of Library Books2022-02-21
31Hsinchu County Citrus Food Festival Buy Citrus and Draw Prizes2022-01-22
32Gold Leaf Hit, Beipu Old Street, Yang Wen-ke, and Honduras Savouring Beipu’s Delicacies2022-01-22
33Enjoy Hakka Culture at the Zhubei Far Eastern Department Store! Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke and President of the Far Eastern Department Store Hsu Hsu-tung Jointly Welcome Customers2022-01-14
34Four Public Construction Projects Win Yuan Ye Awards Yang Wen-Ke: “We’ll Keep Building High-quality Projects” 2021-10-22
35First of 22 Feature Parks Planned by Hsinchu County Government Breaks Ground County Magistrate Yang: “As Fun as the AI Smart Business Park”2021-10-20
36Cultural Bureau’s Read Southeast Asia New Immigrant Activity Welcoming County Residents to Participate in Reading, Film Appreciation, and Listening to Stories2021-10-15
37Best Wishes from Magistrate Yang on the 100th Anniversary of Hsinchu County’s Sister City, the Village of Westmont 2021-10-14
38Yimin Festival at the Baozhong Yimin Temple -- President and County Magistrate pray for pandemic to end2021-08-27
39Household income and consumer expenditure in Hsinchu County Ranking No. 2 in the country -- Yang Wen-Ke: Work hard to lay the foundation for the future prosperity in industry development2021-08-26
40The County Government joins hands with Tzu Chi to fulfill social responsibility -- Packing summer vacation Food Relief Box for children from low-income and middle-low income families in Hsinchu County2021-08-07