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21Kick-off by AIT Director + Back up by host Yang Wen-ke: Lioneers' superb offense and defense! Defeat at the critical moment2021-02-27
22Helping the visually impaired to cross roads safely: Hsinchu County launches the first smart voice signal APP2021-02-25
23So beautiful! Architectural design of non-profit Jiafeng Kindergarten affirmed by 3 international awards.2021-02-23
24Hsinchu Jko Lioneers Opening Home Game 2021-02-17
25Neiwan improvement projects: County Magistrate Yang announces the pre-opening of Neiwan Ginger Lily Park2021-02-08
26Hsinchu County travel guidebooks are revised and re-released-- Chinese New Year Nature Outing Series -- Six Hiking Trails. 2021-02-04
27Unveiling of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Magistrate Yang: A Major Force in Promoting Hsinchu as a Smart Technology City2021-02-01
28Hsinchu County's 120 elementary and junior high schools install life-saving AED 2021-01-11
29Bamboo sculptor Weng Ming-chuan wins the Taiwan Crafts Workshop which is unveiled today2021-01-08
30National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-Chu Branch Unveiled2021-01-04
31The Once-a-Decade Population and Housing Census2020-12-04
32Qionglin Farmers’ Association Opens Second Farmers’ Market on Fulin Road2020-11-20
33Hsinchu County Government “Community-scale Welfare” Results Exhibition2020-11-13
34Hsinchu County Government “Smart Social Welfare Jumpstart Platform” Adds 4 New Application Functions2020-10-29
352,300 schoolchildren in Hsinchu County learn with Kebbie Robot, which will radually expand to the entire county next year.2020-09-25
36Public participation to create a dream park: Xinglong Park Picnic and Music Fair makes a lively debut2020-09-19
37Home Court in Hsinchu County Stadium! Hsinchu County Government and the Lioneers basketball team sign memorandum of cooperation2020-09-08
38The Hsinchu County Soil and Water Conservation Mobile Service Vehicles and Technician Service Team reach out to 46 locations in towns and villages to serve the people2020-09-02
392020 Hsinchu County National Yimin Festival -- Deputy Minister of the Hakka Affairs Council Fan Tso-Ming and County Magistrate Yang "carried food offerings with a pole " to express solidarity with the Yimin spirit.2020-08-29
40Hsinchu County donates 10,000 masks and epidemic supplies to sister city Westmont Village in the United States 2020-08-18