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101NTDC 's 15th Leaders' Conference brings new vigor to the cities and counties in Northern Taiwan2018-11-02
102Hsinchu County's Zhubei Civil Sports Center officially unveiled2018-10-22
10320 groups performed in relays in celebration of Hakka Arts Festival2018-10-19
104China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital signs an MOU with Chicago Prostate Center2018-10-12
105A thousand participants join in a hiking tour to warm up Xinpu Township's Persimmon Festival2018-10-08
106Hsinchu County Government reveals its achievements via a publication and a video2018-09-28
107Hsinchu County becomes the first in Taiwan to apply the blockchain technology to produce traceability2018-09-21
108Hsinchu County Anime Education Center inaugurated2018-09-14
109Citizen of Hsinchu County Luo Wei-min wins gold medal at the Asian Games, with an eye towards the 2020 Olympics2018-09-07
110The 2018 National Yimin Festival kicks off in Hsinchu County on August 26th2018-08-31
111Winners of Creative Sacred Pig Painting Competition officially revealed2018-08-24
1122018 National Yimin Festival will kick off on August 26th2018-08-17
113Magistrate Chiu feels honored to serve as Miyazaki Ambassador due to great dedication to Taiwan-Japan exchanges2018-08-10
114Hsinchu County Government holds the Young Lawyers Camp in Taiwan Hsinchu District Court2018-07-30
1153rd Leaders' Meeting of Tao-Chu-Chu-Miao Regional Governance Platform yields agreement on four issues2018-07-27
116Magistrate Chiu visits the sister city Westmont in Chicago to establish closer ties2018-07-20
117New Tile Houses Bench Theater will open on July 21st with multiple freebies up for grabs2018-07-13
118The old steel cable of Qingquan Suspension Bridge will be transformed into a public artwork in Wufeng Township2018-07-06
119A second-hand market is going to be held at Zhudong Cultural and Creative Village on June 30th2018-06-29
1202018 Hsinchu County Magistrate Cup Dragon Boat Race kicks off at Chihe Lake, Xinfeng Township2018-06-25