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Home Court in Hsinchu County Stadium! Hsinchu County Government and the Lioneers basketball team sign memorandum of cooperation
  • PostDate:2020-09-08
  • Modified Date:2020-09-29

Home Court in Hsinchu County Stadium! Hsinchu County Government and the Lioneers basketball team sign memorandum of cooperation

Hsinchu County Mayor Yang Wen-Ke and the Phantacii International Corp. General Manager Kenny Kao signed a home court memorandum of cooperation between the county government and the Hsinchu Lioneers basketball team at the county hall on the morning of September 8. County Mayor Yang said that the Lioneers' home court will be in the Hsinchu County Stadium in Zhubei. It is the only stadium in the nation with a NBA-class court. With the county's young population, high income and resources from science park enterprises, thousands of free tickets for warm-up matches are snatched up in seconds, indicating the passion for basketball. The Lioneers professional basketball team’s selection of Hsinchu County as its home court is a testimony of its vision, and the Hsinchu County Government will offer the fullest support that is comparable to the six special municipalities in Taiwan.

County Mayor Yang who has previously worked in the Science Park for many years pointed out that basketball is a sport popular among people in the science and technology industry. The micro-film "This City Needs a Team" went viral in the Park recently and inspired many people in the science and technology industry, and a number of enquiries have been made about the Lioneers team jersey and souvenirs. After a long absence of 20 years, professional basketball games are making a come-back in Hsinchu County, and everybody is exhilarated and inspired. It is hoped that forming a professional basketball team and establishing its home court in Hsinchu County Stadium can vitalize the function of the stadium and help youths and basketball enthusiasts identify with the city. It is also hoped that the competitions can cultivate cohesion and create an image of a healthy sports city, thereby making the cooperation a triple win for fans, the Lioneers basketball team and the Hsinchu County Government.

Kenny Kao, General Manager of the Lioneers basketball team explained that he had wanted to associate the name of the team with the Windy City imagery of Hsinchu City originally. However, in a well-known basketball comics, the Zhubei Lioneers Team symbolizes lions attacking a city and also fits well into the work culture of this county. So, after obtaining utilization right, the Lioneers was born. Kao said that the County Mayor Yang quickly opened his arms to give a warm welcome to the Lioneers basketball team. The team was greatly encouraged, and in addition to the resources that are offered, it also felt Hsinchu County's enthusiasm for sports. The team will surely work hard to achieve good results and become a spokesperson for Hsinchu County. Lioneers team member Lin Li-Ren also attended the signing ceremony of the memorandum, and many county councilors, county government staff and visiting public rushed to have their photos taken with him.

The Department of Education stated that the cooperation items mentioned in the home court cooperation memorandum include venue and advertising resource support. The cooperation between the county government and the team will be based on the principle of reciprocity, and will enhance the marketing of Hsinchu County. Since taking office, County Mayor Yang has actively promoted various sports policies and enhanced sports, whether it is competitive sports, social sports or national sports. The Lioneers basketball team will be joining the newly established professional basketball league. This year during the Christmas holiday, they will be kicking off with a home game in the Hsinchu County Stadium. Before the official season kicks off, the first warm-up match in the history of the team will be held from October 17 to October 18. This exciting sports event will continue to fire the sports climate in Hsinchu County and propel it toward becoming an energetic and happy city!