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Qionglin Farmers’ Association Opens Second Farmers’ Market on Fulin Road
  • PostDate:2020-11-20
  • Modified Date:2021-01-11

Qionglin Farmers’ Association Opens Second Farmers’ Market on Fulin Road

The second Farmers’ Market for the Qionglin Farmers’ Association has arrived! It will become the County’s 13th strategic location for retail agricultural products. The location is near the Qionglin Interchange (No. 12, Alley 495, Section 2, Fulin Road, Neighborhood 8, Xinfeng Village, Qionglin Township). The location is quite convenient. Not only can food shoppers select from freshly-grown local fruits and vegetables, but the Farmers’ Association also integrates the Association’s food and fertilizer storage, and equipment for agricultural product cold-chain transport and sales – a comprehensively planned production, processing, storage, distribution, and sales supply system. At today’s (Nov. 8th) Farmers’ Market opening, County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke, Agriculture and Food Agency Northern Regional Office Vice Regional Office Director Lin Mei-hua, former County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun, and others helped to unveil the market’s name plaque. A large number of local folks and farmers were also present to happily witness the event.

Qionglin Farmers’ Association Director Fan Chen-chin said, the Farmers’ Association established its first Farmers’ Market in 2018, and sales have continued to grow steadily since. In consideration of Qionglin’s urban planning and concentrated regional population, the market has a lot of consumer potential; the demand for agricultural goods is growing every day. In order to create a sales network for agricultural goods, the Association therefore designed and built this second Farmers’ Market.

County Magistrate Yang stated, in order to help farmers expand sales channels for their agricultural goods, building new farmers’ markets, direct sales outlets, and farming village community shops are a major part of his administrative program. Currently, 13 new farmers’ markets have been established in Hsinchu County by 10 different Farmers’ Associations from Hsinchu County, Zhubei City, Xinpu Township, Guanxi Township, Baoshan Township, Beipu Township, Xinfeng Township, Qionglin Township, Hukou Township, and Zhudong Township. The County’s Agriculture Department will continue to assist the Farmers’ Associations. Residents and friends are warmly encouraged to select excellent agricultural specialties from Hsinchu County!