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Hsinchu County Government “Community-scale Welfare” Results Exhibition
  • PostDate:2020-11-13
  • Modified Date:2021-01-11

Hsinchu County Government “Community-scale Welfare” Results Exhibition

Through Hsinchu County’s 187 Community Development Associations, Hsinchu County Government integrates local community strengths and implements a wide variety of social welfare measures. Last year, the County Government established the Community Empowerment and Incubation Center (CEIC). This year, a total of 21 communities participated in Community-scale Welfare; four communities invested in adult education classroom activities; and 15 workshops for primary prevention of violence were also held. Today (November 6th) in the County Government main hall, the “Community – My Home” results exhibition was held. All the different communities displayed delicacies produced with local flavor, Hakka rice-based foods, dried fruit, beverages, and more. The event attracted large crowds of people.  


CEIC Center Director Chao Mei-ying pointed out that the CEIC provides first-line empowerment, guidance, and assistance. Now, communities are playing ever-more important roles in society; they serve as a bridge for communicating about government social welfare policy, and have even taken on some family responsibilities. When young people leave home to work and are unable to care for their elders and children, communities provide children with after-school activities and elders with meals.


County Magistrate Yang stated that the County Government established the CEIC to assist the County’s communities. The CEIC helps communities use their local character, customs, and agricultural specialties to accentuate their own uniqueness. At today’s event, communities observed, learned from, and encouraged each other. Together, they are providing even better services to benefit our community-based home, and giving a spotlight to what makes each of the 13 rural and urban townships unique. Whether you’re from here or somewhere else, everyone is welcome to take a stroll through the communities of Hsinchu and experience the local cheer.