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Hsinchu County has industrial, economic and educational exchanges with Westmont, USA
  • PostDate:2018-04-10
  • Modified Date:2018-04-10

Hsinchu County has industrial, economic and educational exchanges with Westmont, USAMayor of Westmont, Mr. Ronald J. Gunter, accompanied by Deputy Director of TACCGC and Sister City Ambassador, Angela Yang, leads a delegation to Hsinchu County and have exchanges with representatives from various local industries. The aim of the visit is to promote future economic and trade cooperation between the two cities.
Hsinchu County Government signed the sister city agreement and MOU in education with Westmont in 2017 via a videoconference. This year, Mayor Gunter visits Hsinchu County in person to have in-depth exploration of local customs and cultures. Besides, through the conference on industry and economy, the delegation from Westmont shares their current industrial status and has exchanges with representatives from various industries of Hsinchu County.
Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun shows gratitude to Ms. Angela Yang’s assistance to facilitate the exchanges between the two cities from education to industry and culture. He hopes the cooperation could keep going and bring welfare to citizens of both cities. Ms. Angela Yang indicates that the village of Westmont is one of the cities where the overseas compatriots go most frequently. She is willing to be the coordinator to promote economic and trade cooperation if the both sides take actions to invest each other.
The delegation also visits Liu-jia High School. Last November, the school selected 8 students and sent them to the US for two weeks for the first time. They studied there, lived with local families, experience local life, and exposed themselves to the English-speaking environment. After coming back Taiwan, all of them did benefit a lot from the two-week exchange.
The last stop of the delegation’s visit is Fuxing Village in Emei Township, which is known for its Oriental Beauty Tea. Hsinchu County Government specially invites tea-brewing specialist Ms. Ke Jin-yun to demonstrate the tea ceremony and shares the fragrant and mellow tea grown and produced in Hsinchu County with the foreign friends.