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241Magistrate Chiu calls on Blue Sky House to send social care and celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with underprivileged children and teenagers2014-06-09
242Building an age-friendly, livable, healthy city─Magistrate Chiu leading Hsinchu County to “MOVE UP”2014-06-06
243Tekkaman Blade clinches the championship in Taiwan Super Cosplay Celebration, to travel to Japan for World Cosplay Summit2014-06-04
244A fresh look of Hsinchu County's Hexing Station: Love Station announces its comeback along with the opening of Lavender Cottage2014-05-30
245An unforgettable encounter with international pianists and dancer for students: Taiwan 88 Campus Concert Tour sets foot on Hsinchu County's Neiwan Elementary School2014-05-20
246Committee members of International University Sports Federation (FISU) pay a visit to Hsinchu County Stadium to inspect the venues for 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade2014-05-06
247A lift for disadvantaged students to earn the ticket into National Taiwan College of Performing Arts: Hsinchu County Government enters into a contract with Traditional Art Performance Association2014-05-06
248Business Weekly's survey: Hsinchu County government makes great strides in improving local public finance2014-05-06
249Parents' best assistant: Hsinchu County's App and website "MaMaLove" launched2014-05-06
250Inter-municipal exchanges between Hsinchu County and Taipei City: Magistrate Chiu leads the County's rural children to the City to visit baby panda Yuan-Zai, experience Maokong Gondola and taste Taipei's delicacies2014-05-06
251A sign of love and communication: Hsinchu County's Sign Language Interpretation Service Window launches its grand opening2014-05-06
252Addressing the issue of obesity prevention: Hsinchu County Government inviting every citizen to burn fat and lose weight in a health way2014-05-06
253Stunning and Shining: 2014 Zhubei Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County inviting everyone to taste Yuanxiao (rice balls), solve lantern riddles, and carry lanterns around2014-04-01
254Hsinchu County's project "Nine Stations along Neiwan Railway Line" announces its start of construction: Magistrate Chiu calls on national master of comics Liu Hsing-Chin2014-04-01
255Hsinchu County Government signs letter of intent with Taipei City Government to promote Hakka cultures and industrial exchanges2014-04-01
256Internet without borders: another 6 hotspots of free wifi-iTaiwan expanded in Hsinchu County2014-04-01
257Hsinchu County's another international tourist attraction under construction: the Comics and Animation Park in Zhudong to announce its completion on August2014-04-01
258A ground-breaking launch: Liou Jia Senior High School to become the first bilingual high school in Hsinchu County in the coming years2014-04-01
259A green-energy, environmental-friendly and leisure mixed-use center "Lifestyle Center" with a high-tech theater to enter the Taiwan High Speed Rail's Hsinchu station area2014-04-01
260The second-phase construction of Uni-President's Hukou plant launches its ground-breaking ceremony: more than 1,000 job opportunities and production value of over NT$ 10 billion are estimated to be created2014-04-01