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The 2018 Hsinchu County Tung Flower Festival excites visitors from morning to night
  • PostDate:2018-05-11
  • Modified Date:2018-05-11

The 2018 Hsinchu County Tung Flower Festival excites visitors from morning to nightThe 2018 Hsinchu County Tung Flower Festival kicked off at Zhudong Cultural and Creative Village on the morning of May 5th. The festival was unveiled by the performance of award-winning singers Liu Hui-qing, Shi Yi-shan and Shi Yin-ting, as well as Hsinchu County Symphonic Band. Apart from splendid performances, there were also Hakka challenge games, free cuisine made with tung flower by students from Tongtex Secondary High School, an art market, a pet market, and mobile diners.
Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun showed appreciation to Hakka Affairs Council for its full support for Tung Flower Festival. He hoped Hakka spirits could be promoted through this event. In addition, Magistrate Chiu specially presented awards to shops in Zhudong Cultural and Creative Village and the designers of the artistic painted wall, Stefano Misesti and Art Together Company. Their support and assistance graced this festival considerably. Magistrate Chiu also issued a certificate of appointment to Mr. Stefano Misesti as a government consultant. He believed that Mr. Stefano Misesti’s art creations could further beautify Hsinchu County. Deputy Minister of Hakka Affairs Council Fan Zuo-ming stated that Hsinchu County still has a lot of fascinating tourist spots to explore. He encouraged people all over Taiwan to take advantage of Tung Flower Festival to travel around Hsinchu County.
On the morning of the opening day, children’s favorite EBC YoYo Family brought a string of lively dance shows, followed by eye-catching performances given by local bands, singers, and students from Beipu Elementary School. Visitors were all wowed by such impressive and plentiful shows. In the afternoon, the play “The Wizard of Oz,” presented by If Theatre, also made people, young and old alike, laugh and clap.
The evening session featured the local singer Robin Tseng and band Mr. One Cajon. Pop songs were sung one after another, playing on the heart strings of the audience. Besides, Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, Formosa Ballet, and Jumeng Dance Troupe provided the audience with grand visual and audio feasts. Performers displayed the image of Hakka tung flowers through music and dance. At the end of the evening party, famous singers sang on the stage one by one, and the audience was immersed in the harmonious melody. Visitors really had a great day here in 2018 Hsinchu County Tung Flower Festival!