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Spend your summertime learning in New Tile House Life School!
  • PostDate:2018-06-01
  • Modified Date:2018-06-01

Spend your summertime learning in New Tile House Life School!To make art a part of our daily life and make our life some styles of art, New Tile House Life School launches a series of interesting art and craft courses. All of the courses are targeted at parents and children to enrich their life during the summer vacation.
Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun indicates that Life School will have 24 courses and 40 classes this time. 23 specialists in various fields are invited to instruct learners in an interesting, intelligible and artistic way, and will lead learners to know more about the local culture. Magistrate Chiu feels amazed at the work from the course “The Application of the Tung Flower Picture Book,” taught by Owner of Watermelon Manor, Xu Mei-hui. In the course, learners will have to understand the principles of composition based on the tung flower picture book before designing their own tung flower harmonicas and solar powered tung flower plant pots.
Featuring the bird of Hsinchu County for the first time, the course “Eco-friendly Carpentry: Muller's Barbet Patterned Mailbox,” taught by Carpenter Li Chuan-xin, aims to introduce easy carpentry in our life. Through the joint participation of parents and children, not only can they have closer bonds, but they can also figure out other uses of the same object. That is, a mailbox can also serve as a shelf or a bookend. It will be a lot of fun!
Director of Hsinchu County Government Cultural Affairs Bureau, Zhang Yi-zhen, indicates that Life School is open for registration from 8 a.m., June 4th. Places of each course are limited, so hurry up and enroll now! Parents and children are welcome to join together. For more information, please refer to the Facebook Fan Page of Hsinchu County Government Cultural Affairs Bureau.