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3rd Leaders' Meeting of Tao-Chu-Chu-Miao Regional Governance Platform yields agreement on four issues
  • PostDate:2018-07-27
  • Modified Date:2018-07-30

3rd Leaders' Meeting of Tao-Chu-Chu-Miao Regional Governance Platform yields agreement on four issues

The Tao-Chu-Chu-Miao Regional Governance Platform, jointly initiated by Taoyuan City Government, Hsinchu County Government, Hsinchu City Government, and Miaoli County Government, held the 3rd Leaders’ Meeting at Hsinchu Cultural & Creative Museum on July 22nd. The meeting was attended by Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City Wang Ming-de, Mayor of Hsinchu City Lin Chih-chien, Magistrate of Miaoli County Hsu Yao-chang, and Magistrate of Hsinchu County Chiu Ching-chun. After the meeting, the four city/county leaders visited Hsinchu 300 Expo and attended the opening press conference of Hsinchu Market. At the opening ceremony, the four leaders displayed four carts loaded with specialty products from the four cities/counties. A total of 22 stands from Hsinchu County also joined in the event. Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun stated that this yearly meeting has been organized for the third time. The cooperation, communication and negotiation among these four cities and counties has set a good example, and  he believed that the partnership will keep developing in the future. Besides, Magistrate Chiu emphasized that the market featured delicacies, cultural and creative products, and all kinds of souvenirs. He encouraged visitors to pick the best souvenirs from Hsinchu County.

It was Hsinchu City that hosted this year's Leaders' Meeting. In the speech, Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien specially expressed his cordial welcome to the representatives from the other three places. He also showed gratitude for everyone's participation to make the expo and the market more extraordinary. Miaoli County Magistrate Hsu Yao-chang indicated that through the Leaders' Meeting, the visibility of the four cities/counties could be enhanced, and this would be helpful to promote Hakka and indigenous cultures. Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Wang Ming-de also said that these four cities/counties have similar memories and experiences. He believed that it is beneficial for all of them to have mutual cooperation.

Director of Hsinchu County Government General Development Department, Chen Guan-yi, showed that agreement on four issues has been reached after thorough discussion in the meeting:

  1. Joint promotion of Yimin Festival: Once given the related information, the Regional Governance Platform will help the promotion of Hsinchu County's Yimin Festival and invite  other mayors and magistrates to join in the event.
  2. Cooperation among the tea industries along Hakka Romantic Avenue: Taoyuan City  Government will shoot for support from the central government on behalf of the four cities/counties to improve the environment of the tea industry. In addition, the four cities/counties will promote Tea Flower Festival together.
  3. Cooperation  among indigenous museums: The four cities/counties will organize exhibitions  on indigenous cultures together.
  4. Joint promotion of local specialties: The four cities/counties will integrate their local specialties and launch tourism campaigns together to attract more visitors. Through this cooperation, it is hoped that visitors can have more insights into these  four cities/counties and the brand image of each city/county can therefore be built.