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21Hsinchu County/City Student Teams Win Four First Prizes in US Robotics Competition2023-05-22
22Meet up with Italian and Spanish Artists Invited for Light Art Festival on May 252023-05-21
23Yang Wen-Ke’s Policy Report Details Governing Achievements Cross-Regional Governance the Path Toward Co-Prosperity2023-05-05
24Hakka Culture in Miyazaki Hsinchu County Brings Hakka Art and Music to the World2023-05-01
25Six Unique Small Parks Open to the Public in Hsinchu County Children Are Having Fun in the Parks 2023-04-29
26A Fabulous Grand Opening of the National Middle Schools Athletic Games Hsinchu County Showcases Multiculturalism and Marches Towards a Capital of Science and Technology2023-04-22
27The Delegation of the Ryde City Government from Australia Visited Hsinchu County Government in Hopes that Both Sides Can Begin Cooperation and Exchange on Technology, Economy, and Trade2023-03-31
28Japanese city council speaker leads delegation on visit, Yang: “We’re strengthening communication”2023-02-09
29Yang welcomes a year for responsibility and progress at new year’s flag raising ceremony2023-01-01
30Yang Wen-ke takes office after re-election, emphasizing cross-county collaboration2022-12-25
31Hsinchu County Dongxing Canal Light Art Festival Is Officially Lit; Eight Beautiful Installation of Light Art Shine Their Light through the New Year2022-12-03
32Hsinchu County Government Establishes the Tourism Brand “Talk a Walk in Hsinchu” for In-depth Tourism Experiences2022-12-02
33International Praise! Two Featured Parks in Hsinchu County Win Muse Design Awards2022-11-13
34County Magistrate Yang: Japan’s Miyazaki Prefectural Government Visited Hsinchu; Exchanges Resume upon Pandemic Coming under Control 2022-11-09
35NT$280 million Invested to Build First Comprehensive Social Welfare Center in Hsinchu County, Creating Friendly Parenting Environment2022-10-20
36Xin Le Elementary School’s Hope Kitchen Wins New York Design Awards Silver Award2022-10-16
37Dongxing Canal Is Internationally Famous! Light Art Festival Artwork Tranquil Lotus Field Wins Silver Award at Sydney Design Awards2022-10-02
38Building a Sustainable Park in Dongxingzhen Creating a Green Map with the Public2022-09-15
39Budgetary Increase for Books, Access to Four Counties with One-Pass Hsinchu County Public Library Shares Over 10 Million Volumes2022-09-04
40The First Hsinchu Technology Innovation Forum Debuts Building a Cross-Disciplinary Cooperation Platform with Local Talent2022-08-24