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Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation’s NCT Settles in Zhubei; Taiwan’s Semiconductor Strength Further Enhanced
  • PostDate:2023-06-30
  • Modified Date:2023-07-18


The opening ceremony for Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation's Nanotechnology Innovation Center Taiwan (NCT) was held in Zhubei today (June 30th). National President Tsai Ing-wen; Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke; TSMC Senior Vice President J.K. Lin; SEMI Taiwan President Terry Tsao; and Hitachi High-Tech Corporation Taiwan Chairman Nakayama Masanobu and President Kanoto Shuntani were all invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony. Through a traditional Japanese Kagami biraki ceremony (literally ‘opening the mirror’, referring to the opening of a cask of sake at a party or ceremony), they expressed their sincerest wishes that the Center’s opening will bring competitive advantages for Taiwan's semiconductor industry.

President Tsai stated that Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation has been deeply committed to Taiwan's economic development for more than half a century, and has played an indispensable role in the development of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes in Taiwan. The company’s technology development started with the 28nm process; now they have come all the way to R&D for equipment used in processes below 2nm. This will continue to provide critical energy for Taiwan's industrial development. The Center will strengthen technologies for customized services in the future, and will have key components manufactured in Taiwan. This will help Taiwan's manufacturers maintain competitive advantages, while creating high-quality employment opportunities.

President Tsai indicated that she is glad to witness the investment achievements in Zhubei made by Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation. The opening of the Center marks a very significant milestone. The President expressed heartfelt appreciation for Hitachi High-Tech's investment and commitment in Taiwan by providing the most efficient local services for Taiwan's semiconductor industrial chain, and promoting development of related technologies. She expressed hopes that more achievements will be created through collaboration in the future.

Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke mentioned that, relating to President Tsai’s aim to “strengthen Taiwan for global deployment”, the establishment of the NCT in Zhubei is precisely a step toward realizing that vision. Magistrate Yang expressed great delight at seeing this progress. TSMC’s R&D Center is also located in Hsinchu Science Park, within Hsinchu County's Baoshan Township. Magistrate Yang considers it impossible for R&D centers to be relocated to Southern Taiwan Science Park or Central Taiwan Science Park; they have to be centralized in HSP. Currently the technology is developing towards processes below 3nm, and there will be many equipment-related challenges to be overcome. Particularly important are questions of process optimization to achieve mass production, and how to achieve better yields. The establishment of NCT in Zhubei will be closely related to the future development of TSMC and other semiconductor manufacturers. Therefore, NCT may, alongside TSMC, be viewed as one of Taiwan's “Guardian Mountains”.

TSMC Senior Vice President J.K. Lin indicated that, for companies that seek continuous innovation and progress, the opening of an innovation center not only signifies a critical step for the company's technological development, but also provides significant momentum for the industry's advancement. The opening of this innovation center demonstrates Hitachi High-Tech’s attention to the market’s needs as well as its active response to customers’ expectations. Undoubtedly, it is also a manifestation of Hitachi’s adherence to technology, innovation, and high quality. Hitachi’s long-term commitment in Taiwan has brought the strength and resilience of Taiwan’s semiconductor ecosystem to even higher heights. He expressed hopes that opening the NCT will bring forth more opportunities for in-depth collaboration, and continue the promotion of technological innovation and advancement.

SEMI Taiwan President Terry Tsao also pointed out that Hitachi High-Tech focuses on global deployment, regional networks, and local commitment. By providing state-of-the-art microelectronics and semiconductor technologies and services, they have helped their global partners to grow, and served as an important behind-the-scenes booster for continuous advancement in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. Opening the NCT will enhance Taiwan’s semiconductor industry’s R&D capabilities and competitiveness in advanced technologies. In particular, he noted, leading companies in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry will receive assistance in acquiring forward-looking advanced manufacturing process competitiveness.