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Heads of New Taipei City and Hsinchu County Exchange Opinions about Youth Entrepreneurship: “Supporting Youth Together”
  • PostDate:2023-06-06
  • Modified Date:2023-06-15


New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih led a New Taipei City Government group to visit Hsinchu Startup Hub today (June 6th). Accompanied by Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke, Mayor Hou and his team appreciated the products that are getting “started” from youth creativity in Hsinchu County. After his arrival, Mayor Hou was warmly welcomed by local and international students. After the visit, the County and City held an exchange meeting to share opinions on youth entrepreneurship, industrial policy, and related issues.


Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke observed that Hsinchu Startup Hub is located in Minghsin University of Science and Technology (MUST), and that MUST students are full of verve. Last year, Mayor Hou participated in the Bringing Youth Entrepreneurship to the Finishing Line: Hsinchu Golden Dreams Come True event. Additionally, this past April, Mayor Hou proposed the idea of a Youth Entrepreneurship Fair for the eight northern counties and cities of Taiwan, and county/city governments joining together with the younger generation for policy direction. Magistrate Yang found this idea wonderful.


Magistrate Yang stated that Hsinchu County reached consensus with New Taipei City on three topics last year: Exchanges among student clubs; exchanges between the two cities’ youth advisory committees; and sharing resources for entrepreneur mentorship. With Mayor Hou’s support, the Hsinchu County and New Taipei City have reached initial conclusions aimed at “Supporting Youth Together”. Magistrate Yang stated that Hsinchu County Government's Education Bureau is promoting student clubs, encouraging podcast development, and holding street dance competitions. The Bureau is also working to narrow gaps between student learning and skills required for the future, in hope that students and other young people can show their power.


Magistrate Yang mentioned that in parallel to how Hsinchu County has its International AI Smart Park, New Taipei City’s Xindian District has the Baogao Science and Intellectual Park. These are the only two industrial parks devoted to innovative technology established by local governments in Taiwan. This shows that both Hsinchu County and New Taipei City are dedicated to R&D in AI, 5G, AIoT, and other innovative technologies, and to helping develop young talent who can promote development in these industries. Yang quoted a phrase from Luo Jialun’s book A New Perspective on Life: “To become an exceptional person requires three conditions: A the savage body, a civilized brain, and a strong will”. With these words, Magistrate Yang encourages youths to pursue their dreams.


During his speech, Mayor Hou mentioned that he was deeply moved when he visited MUST and Hsinchu Startup Hub. Hou hopes to build connections among the eight counties/cities in Northern Taiwan, especially Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City, and Miaoli County, to bring benefits to over 10 million people. Business developments and industrial clusters should be linked up. Examples such as Hsinchu County’s AI Smart Park, and New Taipei City’s Baogao Science and Intellectual Park, show that Hsinchu County and New Taipei City highly value making learning practical, and making industry international. Youth talent will be the major force behind Taiwan’s make progress, so “we must do our best to stand with youth”.


Mayor Hou shared that there are five youth entrepreneurship hubs in New Taipei City, and that they continue to develop. Hou hopes these hubs enable youth to build up their dreams and make them come true. Career development centers are also promoting “nature by nurture” education, and tech-vocational education to put every person right where they belong. This will create the possibility for success in entrepreneurship.


Hsinchu County Education Bureau Director Yang Chun-tzu and New Taipei City Government Youth Department Special Commissioner Chiang Chi-jui Chiang also shared mentorship success stories from Hsinchu County and New Taipei City. The two officials shared and discussed their experiences. Magistrate Yang and Mayor Hou visited startups in the Hub, to get a better sense of Hsinchu County’s achievements. They hoped that, through Hsinchu County/New Taipei City exchange, they can create a good startup environment for young people.


MUST President Liu Kuo-wei; United Microelectronics Corporation Honorary Vice Chairman Hsuan Ming-chih; Xinfeng Township Mayor Hsu Wei-chieh; and teams from both Hsinchu County Government and New Taipei City Government were also in attendance.